The Godfather to enter the WWE HOF

The Godfather to enter the WWE HOF
23 Feb
Not in Hall of Fame
It was announced today that Charles Wright, who portrayed, “The Godfather”, “Papa Shango” and Kama Mustapha in the WWE, would be inducted into the promotion’s Hall of Fame.

Wright first trained to be a professional wrestler in 1989 and at the insistence of his friend, the Undertaker, he was brought in to the WWF in early 1992.  He was given the persona of Papa Shango, a voodoo priest and he would feud with the Ultimate Warrior.  The Shango character received a mixed reaction from the fans and by 1993 he was sent to the USWA, who had a reciprocal relationship with the WWF.

Wright would return to the WWF, but this time as “The Supreme Fighting Machine”, Kama and would be a member of the Ted DiBiase’s Million Dollar Corporation.  His highwater mark for this gimmick was a Casket Match loss against The Undertaker at Summer Slam 1995.  Shortly after the Royal Rumble in ’96, he would disappear again.

He would return a year later to join another faction, this time with the Nation of Domination.  He was not featured much, but when the group splintered off, Wright evolved into the “Godfather”, a wrestling pimp who would bring “hos” to the ring.  Within months, he would become one of the most over wrestlers in the company and would win the Intercontinental Championship.

He would later be part of another faction, which saw him renounce his ways and become the “Goodfather”, and was a member of the Right to Censor group, but that was shortlived and he would go back to the gimmick that made him famous until he semi-retired in late 2002.

Always on good terms with the WWE, Wright would make period appearances, including a Royal Rumble appearance in 2013.

Wright will be inducted by his real life friends, Ron Simmons and John Bradshaw Layfield, which might end speculation that JBL will be inducted as their has never been anyone who was an inductee and inductor in the same night.

We at had The Godfather ranked at #148, which again gives credence as to why he we rank so many.

We would like to congratulate Charles Wright for earning this accolade.

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