The BBHOF changes the rules

The BBHOF changes the rules
31 Jul
Not in Hall of Fame
The Baseball Hall of Fame has changed the rules as to who can vote, and while it might seem minor it could have a huge impact as to who might get inducted in the future.

The Hall has stated that the Baseball writers who have not been active in the sport for the past ten years will no longer have a vote.

What does this mean?

Well, first off, many of the older voters are adamant against PED users and many of the younger voters have a more relaxed attitude towards those who did use enhancements. 

Could this help men like Barry Bonds and Roger Clemens; players who are regarded as two of the best ever?  It should, as those former superstars are hovering below the 40 percent mark, but while we expect a jump in the tally, we would be shocked if it put them over…at least in the short term.

The men that it could help immediately are Mike Piazza and Jeff Bagwell, sluggers who are on the cusp but have been suspected (though never proven) of taking Performance Enhancing Drugs.  A significant jump in the tally could put one or both in the Hall of Fame.

Suddenly that ten year term for a player to be eligible for the Hall of Fame that for many was a thin veil to get the PED users off the ballot sooner, has been countered with an amendment that might eliminate that issue.

As always, the Baseball Hall of Fame remains interesting!

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