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With a pair of lasting hits from 1972, the very fair skinned Edgar Winter was a star from Texas whose Blues Rock may have inadvertently helped shaped many of the future Rock stars from the Lone Star State. His versatile skills were ironically his biggest enemy, as the very Blues Rock staple songs that made him famous were not necessarily the pattern he would follow in future records. Regardless, Winter had a good career and the hits he did have, have proven to still hold up today.




The Bullet Points:

Eligible Since:



Country of Origin:

U.S.A. (Beaumont, TX)


Nominated In:



NIHOF’s Favorite Album:

They Only Come Out at Night (1972)


NIHOF’s Favorite Song:

Frankenstein (From They Only Come Out at Night, 1972)

Should Edgar Winter be in the Hall of Fame?

Definitely put him in! - 61.1%
Maybe, but others deserve it first. - 11.1%
Probably not, but it wouldn't be the end of the world. - 27.8%
No opinion. - 0%
No way! - 0%
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0 #2 Darryl Tahirali 2017-09-15 19:39
Quoting Brian:
you can't think blues rock, without thinking edgar winter, he deserves a spot

Actually, when I think blues-rock I think first of Edgar Winter's big brother Johnny, who began in that vein starting in the late 1960s before eventually going "straight" blues (although both forms have long since blended in my mind).

That's not a slight against Edgar as he had a more expansive approach early on, starting with White Trash, folding in soul and even jazz elements into a blues-rock bed.

I was listening to some Winter a little while back, and somehow the songs--"Keep Playing That Rock 'n' Roll," "Dying to Live"--felt awkward and strident, even "Round and Round," an old favorite. They Only Come out at Night still holds up all right, largely because of Dan Hartman's songwriting, but Edgar Winter is a tough sell to make.
+3 #1 Brian 2014-12-21 18:52
you can't think blues rock, without thinking edgar winter, he deserves a spot

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