Pre Integration Baseball HOF Ballot announced

Ten names have been named by the Baseball Hall of Fame’s Pre Integration Committee. It is a list that features names that have a prominent ranking on our Baseball List. Let’s take a look at who is on the ballot!

Bill Dahlen: This one makes us very happy. Ranked #6 on our list, the mean tempered “Bad” Bill Dahlen has been a champion of sabremetricians for years. With a career WAR in the top fifty, Dahlen did have solid traditional numbers as well. This is the second time he has been nominated by the Pre Induction committee, although he only received a fraction of a percent on his lone year on the ballot in 1938. An induction for Dahlen will be a victory for the stat geeks.

Tony Mullane: A pre 1900 pitcher, the ambidextrous Mullane was a top star who had 284 career wins. He probably would have easily reached the magical 300 mark had he not been suspended for one season and sat out for part of another. We have him ranked #17 on our list and this is the first time he has appeared on the Pre Integration ballot. He never obtained a single vote for the Hall of Fame by the Baseball Writers of America.

Deacon White: A barehanded catcher in Baseball’s early days, Deacon White won two Batting Titles in the 1870’s. Yes….the 1870’s! White is another in the list of old time baseball players whom sabremetricians feel have not gotten their proper due from Cooperstown. White holds the #30 rank on our list and this is the second time he has made the Pre Integration ballot.

Wes Ferrell: The ultra-competitive Ferrell would be steamed to know that he is still not in Cooperstown. Before he blew out his arm, Ferrell was on his way to immortality, but he did manage a 193 and 128 record, largely without playing for any great teams. Considered by some as the best hitting pitcher ever (and also a very good fielder), many experts have made a case for Ferrell for induction. We have him ranked #50 and his highest vote tally was 3.6 in 1956.

Bucky Walters: An exceptionally good hitting pitcher, Bucky Walters posted one of the best seasons in Baseball in 1939 where he won the NL MVP and the coveted Pitcher’s Triple Crown. Walters was not a one season wonder, as he was a top five MVP candidate on two other occasions. Walters did not hit the 200 win mark due to a late start, but this is the second time that he has been considered by the Pre Integration Committee. He is ranked #74 on our list and peaked at 23.7 on the Hall of Fame ballot in 1968.

Marty Marion: Ranked #86 on our list, the defensive wizard won the 1944 National League MVP. Nicknamed the “Octopus”, Marion was actually named to eight consecutive All Star Games, and was easily one of the best defensive Baseball players in his era. At the plate, it was a different story as he had limited power, and never once batted over .280. Marion peaked at an even 40 percent on the Hall of Fame ballot in 1970.

The ballot also included four non players. Former St. Louis Cardinals majority owner Sam Breadon was nominated. Under his tenure, the Cardinals emerged as one of the top teams in the National League. Another former owner, Jacob Ruppert was also nominated. He owned the Yankees and was the man who bought Babe Ruth’s contract from the Red Sox. Subsequently, it was under his watch that the original Yankee stadium was built. They are joined by former player, Alfred Reach, who is more known for his contributions in baseball equipment and former Umpire, Hank O’Day.

To be selected, the Veterans Committee must have their name on at least 75 percent of the ballot. They will be meeting on December 3 of this year to make their decision.

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