Bountygate....and the Hall of Fame

Very Random thought....Those sports fans not in a hole are very aware of the New Orleans Saints "Bountygate" and the constant debates on what the impending fallout may be.  What we haven't heard (unless we missed it somewhere) is what ripple this may cause the Football Hall of Fame.  Unless, we are mistaken, we can think of only one potentail casulty: Sean Payton.

With a Super Bowl ring and an age under fifty, Payton's coaching future was as bright as his brief head coaching past.  However, potential fallout of Bountygate could result in him being suspended, or possibly fired.  With the NFL constantly cracking down on violent hits in the league, is it not possible that Payton and (for sure, Gregg Williams) suffer a severe consequence for this?  With a future not so bright, we wonder if this has derailed Canton chances.   Thoughts?

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0 #3 EverestMeisterNeg1 -0001-11-30 00:00
It's targetting the coaching staff and ownership now. But the hall of fame committee loves guilt by association. I mean, why else did it take Lynn Swann and John Stallworth 100 years to get inducted?
0 #2 Committee Chairman -0001-11-30 00:00
Payton is not a HOF er if his career ended today, but was he carving a course towards it? Possibly. As for Sharper, i really don't think he will be affected for two reasons:

1: I think this will all fall on the coaches should any sword be fallen on.

2: Sharper was known for his INT production and not hits. I think he is teflon on this one.

Also, as this was a defensive issue, i donlt see it hurting Brees much. I know there is guilt by association and all that, but the targets seemed confined to coaching staffs on this one.
0 #1 EverestMeisterNeg1 -0001-11-30 00:00
I never thought Sean Payton was a hall of famer though. You have to wonder if this will affect Drew Brees' HOF chances. Yes, I'm aware he wasn't part of the defense, but people, and specifically hall of fame voters (although the hockey ones are much worse than the football ones) tend to be very petty and assign a problem within one aspect of the team to the entire team. I still think Brees will get in, but it may end up hurting his chances, even if it shouldn' t. And this scandal probably killed any chance of Darren Sharper making the hall of fame.

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