Basketball Hall of Fame News Part 2.

In our first Basketball Hall of Fame List, we annointed Mel Daniels as our top selection.  He won't be there on the second list, as today he was selected as one of five automatic entrants to the Hall.

Daniels was selected by the American Basketball Association Committee, and really who else should they have selected?

Chet Walker holds our #13 spot, but he do will be removed on the next list.  Walker was selected by the Veteran's Committee. 

With our #2 (Reggie Miller) and #3 (Bernard King) selections as nominees, we look forward to a brand new top five come April.

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0 #6 EverestMeisterNeg1 -0001-11-30 00:00
I see. Kind of a shame that they would elect someone like Knight along with 2 very deserving candidates, and probably 2 more if Miller and King get in.
0 #5 Knuckles -0001-11-30 00:00
Phil Knight is Nike's CEO, which puts him in the position to have a connection to Oregon State's athletic program. In other words, he's a donor.
Is Donald Trump next for his interest in Miami's athletic programs?
But, two very deserving players have finaly received their due, and I see no problems with Barksdale and Alexeeva. It is important to highlight the good with these selections.
0 #4 EverestMeisterNeg1 -0001-11-30 00:00
Daniels and Walker are long overdue. I'm not too familiar with the other candidates.
+1 #3 jimmy26 -0001-11-30 00:00
Mel Daniels is one of the best 50 players ever in pro basketball history and the best player over the entire course of the ABA's run! The flood gates are open now for the likes of Roger Brown, Louie Dampier and Warren Jabali to be considered. These ABA greats have had their careers overlooked and put aside long enough by the HOF and the media in general. The only other league in the history of sports that rivaled an existing league for as long or as competitivel y was the old AFL. Ironically this competition led to mergers with the more established realizing they were losing the battles. The players from the AFL have had the same issues as the ABA with getting respect from the HOF even though both of these leagues were basically equal in calibre of play and overall talent. Things do seem to be finally changing and some of these greats are finally getting their due. It's about time!
0 #2 Phillies Archivist -0001-11-30 00:00
I've advocated Chet Walker's election to the HOF for about 15 years. He finally makes it with annopuncemen t of his election coming two days after his 72nd birthday.
Daniels - ABA election came as a surpries. ABA stars are now being considered by a special HOF committee annually..
Election of the late Don Barksdale is the most interesting of all.
Member of the U.S Olympic Gold Medal winning team at the London Olympis (1948) - only African-Amer ican on the team.
One of the first black players in the NBA (1951).
First Black NBA All-Star (1953). All of this came after his military service during World War Two. Military service and racial barrier delayed his Pro career until age 28.
Lidia Alexeeva is already a member of several basketball Halls Of Fame. She was a star in the 1940s and '50s and then coached through the late '80s. She is 87.
Phil Knight was elected on the strength of his three decade Oregon State athletic program connection. I don't know anyrthing about his association with Nike or if that had any influence on his election..
0 #1 Knuckles -0001-11-30 00:00
Very good to see Daniels and Walker honored. Phil Knight of Nike was also honored as a contributor. I'm wondering how much money he contributed to the Hall of Fame to earn election.

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