Cris Carter Speaks out on his HOF Snub

Our top rated Wide Receiver, Cris Carter took to venting a bit on the Michael Irvin radio show recently.  We have attached an exceprt of the interview here, which sums up a lot of what we actually think ourselves.

First off how are you doing? [After being snubbed by the NFL Hall of Fame]

“I’m doing pretty good. I had a great Super Bowl…I say recovery from the Hall of Fame. The reason why is because I got friends like you and we also saw Andre Reed. We were able to spend a lot of time together. It really helped me because I thought he would get through, but I mean it’s real. It’s real life and I’m glad that I have people that really, really care about me, but ultimately you know there is nothing I can do. There’s nothing I can do. That’s really how I feel about it.”

You had to see the guys up on that list for the Hall of Fame this season and felt like you had a pretty good chance going into the day?

“Michael I don’t look at the list every year. I mean I felt good my first year. I mean I am the only person alive that’s eligible for the Hall of Fame that has 130 touchdowns that is not in it, so when you have a stat like that. You got more touchdowns than Jim Brown and Walter Payton like…I mean I am not campaigning for the Hall of Fame, so for me Mike the list doesn’t change every year. My numbers ain’t going to change. It’s just too much productivity over the time…like I have no argument Mike. I really don’t.”

What is the issue here with wide receivers not getting any love from the Hall of Fame?

“I just think it is the wide receiver. I think the modern day wide receiver I would say that his skill level is not appreciated. It’s not just about the numbers. It’s the ability to catch the football and put your talent on display. That being in the 1980′s and 90′s and you know I played in three different decades, so Mike people like yourself…people like Joe Montana, man people have said things to me…Hall of Famers. Mike Haynes. Ronnie Lott. I talked to him at the Super Bowl. When you all say something to me it really means a lot more. I can’t do no more. I appreciate what you guys are saying and doing everything, but I pleaded my case those 16 years I played in this league.”

Why should anyone believe Randy Moss when he says he wants to come back?

“Well if he could run…if he could run and if he has the hunger to play? I think you can give him an incentive-laden contract. Every other time Randy said that he was ready to play? He was ready to play. Having a year off and he’s been relatively healthy. I like to see Randy put on a workout and say, ‘Hey man I am going to show you all this is what I can do. I want to show you all how fast I can run.’ Once I see that and he already said he wanted to play. That’s enough for me and given what’s out there? Given the other receivers out there? I’d give him a shot at that.”

Will Randy Moss be okay in the locker room?

“I believe the best place for him is New England. Now I believe a team that might want to look at him is Chicago with Jay Cutler and Mike Tice because him and Mike Tice get along great. He has respect for Tice. Jay Cutler and Moss? I think they could work that out.

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