Martha Hart discusses Owen Hart and the WWE HOF

Martha Hart discusses Owen Hart and the WWE HOF
18 May
Not in Hall of Fame

With Vice’s Dark Side of the Ring episode on the death of Owen Hart set to premiere tomorrow, Owen’s widow, Martha has been doing her media rounds. In an excellent interview with CBS Sports, she was asked about the possibility of Owen entering the WWE Hall of Fame, a hope that many WWE fans have been clamoring for.  She had this to say:

“There's always been this talk that, 'Oh, we want to put Owen in the Hall of Fame. "Their Hall of Fame? They don't even have a Hallway of Fame. It doesn't exist. There's nothing. It's a fake entity. There's nothing real or tangible. It's just an event they have to make money. They put it on TV and have a celebration, and it's just so ridiculous. I would never even entertain it. It's garbage.”

Hart is correct in that there is no physical building, and there are no plans at present to create one.  There are no set criteria for entry, and it is largely believed that Hall of Fame induction is based on the whims of their owner, Vince McMahon.  Her opinion is not hers alone, as wrestlers such as Scott Steiner has echoed similar sentiment.

Most WWE wrestlers past and present are open about their desire to be inducted, and it was not that long ago that Mick Foley lobbied hard for Vader to be enshrined before he passed away.  In his impassioned plea, he mentioned how much Vader himself wanted it to happen.  Mark Henry openly pleaded for Martha to allow it to happen, and Owen’s older brother Bret also believes he should be inducted.

Owen is currently ranked #7 on our Notinhalloffame WWE List, and when we first put up the list we knew Owen was not likely to ever get in. That seems like an impossibility now.

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