Elmer Lach
When Elmer Lach retired from professional hockey in 1954, he was the leading scorer in NHL history. This feat was especially impressive considered how injury prone Lach was. The career long Montreal Canadian may have been known for getting injured, but he was revered in the league for his tenacious will to recover quickly from those trips to the hospital. Lach centered the Habs famed “Punch Line” with fellow Hall of Famers, Rocket Richard and Toe Blake and this trio was easily the most feared line in Hockey. In addition to three Stanley Cups, Elmer won the Hart Trophy in 1945, was a three time First Team All Star and was the recipient of the first ever Art Ross trophy awarded to the player with the highest points total. Had the award been in play before, he would have won it also in 1945.


The Bullet Points:
Country of Origin:
Nokomis, Saskatchewan, Canada

Elected In:


Played for:
Montreal Canadians

Major Accolades and Awards:
Hart Trophy (1) (1945)
Art Ross Trophy (1) (1948)
Second Team All Star (3) (1950, 1951 & 1954)
All Star Games (3) (1948, 1952 & 1953)
Most Points (2) (1945 & 1948)
Most Assists (3) (1945, 1946 & 1952)
Stanley Cup Rings (3) (Montreal Canadians 1944, 1946 & 1953)

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