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1959 Hockey Inductees

After the monstrous 1958 Hockey Hall of Fame Class, the powers that be elected to have a relatively small group of only three players, but it was a select group that may have deserved the special attention that they received. All three men are people that the Hockey Hall of Fame can’t do without, and likely had a case for induction in the year previous, as opposed to some of the others who did get in.

Netting over twenty goals in seven National Hockey League seasons may not be the most impressive statistic, but in his era with the reduced games it certainly was! Cy Denneny was not just a goal scorer, but he was a certifiable winner. His name is engraved on the Stanley Cup four times, he was the NHL’s leading scorer once, and when he retired he was the…
The only man who is on the Stanley Cup as a player, Coach and a General Manager, Jack Adams may have been inducted as a player in 1959, but if the Hall allowed for multiple inductions, Adams would have been enshrined as many times as he appears on the Cup. A tough player and respectable goal scorer, Adams twice aided his teams (Toronto Arenas in 1918…
Another player who had a wait maybe a year longer than he should have, Cecil “Tiny” Thompson was a backstopping legend in the early days of the National Hockey League. Thompson was a workhorse who constantly won games for the Bruins and eventually helped them win the Stanley Cup in 1929. The workhorse was consistently the top netminder in multiple categories and in all likelihood should have…


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