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ON Smackdown ROMAN Reigns says that winning the WWE World Heavyweight Championship felt so good, but to do it on his daughter’s birthday was godsent. Winning the World Title made the journey for Roman worth it because now he can take the title home and show his family that the sacrifices were paid off. Reigns say that he has to savor this moment because to be honest he will not have many days left in the WWE. He speared Triple H and we haven’t seen him since and then he SuperMan Punch the Chairman of the Board Vince McMahon. Reigns tell the kids to not do this at home. There will be repercussions on Monday, but today is not Monday, it’s SmackDown, so let’s have savor this moment and have some fun because the Roman Empire did it. Sheamus comes out and stands on the ramp. Sheamus congratulates Reigns on becoming the brand new WWE World Heavyweight Champion. Sheamus said that people feel that he will be bitter, frustrated, but he’s happy for Roman. Sheamus tells Reigns to savor this moment, because despite the fact that this title reign has surpassed 5 minutes and 15 seconds. Sheamus mentions that the “Sheamus 5:15” T-Shirts are still available on WWEShop.com. Reigns should savior this moment because it will not be long until the WWE World Heavyweight Championship is back around Sheamus waist.

Reigns tell Sheamus that he’s ready for the fight whenever fella. SHEAMUS TOLD REIGNS The Authority is conducting an investigation which means that Roman Reigns has to leave the building. Reigns ask Sheamus if he’s serious. Sheamus says that he’s not the bad guy he’s just the messenger. If Sheamus wants Reigns to leave why don’t he come down to the ring and do it. Sheamus talked to Stephanie earlier in the day and she told him if Reigns rejected the first option then alternative measures will be enforced. A collection of security guards appears on the stage. Sheamus sends the Security Force down to the ring. Reigns launch a collection of guards over the top rope. Roman SuperMan Punches on the security guard. Reigns look behind him and there’s a massive security guard in the ring asking him to leave which leads to Reigns SuperMan Punching him. Reigns grab the title and put it up in the air.

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