The immediate future of the WWE

4 years 5 months ago #1044 by Khalid Latif
So here's my question:

With the WWE having finally put the title on the person they've wanted to for so long (Reigns), what now?

We still have a depleted roster, we still have a bunch of mid carders lacking any main even experience and we still have a company still figuring out how to move forward. Seth is out until after WM, Orton is out for who knows how long, No idea when or if Daniel Bryan is coming back and any of the former champs currently on the roster have been booked like midcarders so long it's highly unlikely we'll see them booked any other way.

Cena will be coming back soon, but you shouldn't simply build around one or 2 people, as that is how we got to where we are now. Lesnar, maybe, but how do we sustain that? Who right now in the midcard truly needs to get a shot at the main event to fill out the massive gaps?

Ambrose, Owens and others have been mentioned in the past but who is in the best position to succeed given the chance?
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4 years 5 months ago #1085 by Ravindu
I think WWE is running out of options nowadays.... its so clear that i every single match the player who wins is the one which is needed by the WWE. its more like a script. Honestly WWF is way way better than WWE. They always try to bulid some silly story and a hero and villain according to that. but ill tell you this people are getting sick of these false scenarios...
If the future of WWE to be a success they need to try it hard way. the realistic way. not the movie script way.

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