2022 Football Eligibles

While Jerome Felton did not receive a lot of attention over his career the former Fullback was a vital though silent part of the Minnesota Vikings offense for a few years.  Felton rarely touched the ball (he only had 599 Yards from Scrimmage over his career) but he blocked well for the Vikings, especially for Adrian Peterson, most notably in…
Undrafted in 2003 out of the University of Texas-El Paso Jon Dorenbos would have a long career as a Long Snapper where he played in 201 Games over a career with the Buffalo Bills, Tennessee Titans and Philadelphia Eagles.  With Philadelphia he made two Pro Bowls (2009 & 2014) and was given a honorary Super Bowl Ring when the team…
A product of the football factory of USC, Jordan Cameron was a fourth round pick of the Cleveland Browns in 2011.  Originally a Wide Receiver when he played in College, he moved to Tight End in his Senior year, which would see him blossom and it likely allowed him to have a career in the pros.
Josh Brown’s career may have ended with a thud (he was release by the Giants after admitting to an abusive relationship with his wife) but the Place Kicker from the University of Nebraska did have a long and successful career in the National Football League. 
Justin Forcett bounced around the National Football League, playing for seven different teams in eight different seasons.  Now granted this does not reflect a player who could not have been that good, but remember seven different NFL teams thought enough of the skill of the Running Back for him to play regular season games for them.
With all due respect to Marc Mariani, we only have him here because we will place any former Pro Bowl recipient with five years of NFL service, which means we will look at his career, even though we know he should not warrant any consideration for the Pro Football Hall of Fame.
Undrafted in 2009, Marcel Reece was signed by the Oakland Raiders and would become a fixture on their roster the following year.  Reece went to three straight Pro Bowls (2012-14) and was a Second Team All-Pro in 2013.  He would rush for 2,088 Yards and had another 844 from the air with 15 total Touchdowns.
Mario Williams was the first overall Draft Pick of the 2006 Draft (many thought the Houston Texans were going to select Reggie Bush instead) and while he may not have met overall expectations the Defensive End had a good career.  While he was with Houston, Williams was named a Second Team All Pro in 2007and he finished third in Quarterback…
Michael Griffin played in the NFL for ten years, the first nine of which were with the Tennessee Titans.  A two-time Pro Bowl recipient, Griffins’ best season was in 2008 where he had 7 Interceptions with 172 Interception Return Yards.  Griffin would have 25 picks over his career.
Generally fans don’t wear the jersey of Punters but Pat McAfee of the Indianapolis Colt was such a character that he bucked the trend and actually made a few residuals off his last name on fans backs. 
From the University of Utah, Paul Soliai played ten seasons in the NFL, seven of which were with the Miami Dolphins.  Soliai would become a starter in his fourth season and in his fifth year (2011) he was named to the Pro Bowl when he replaced Haloti Ngata.  He played 137 Games overall.


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Percy Harvin was a two time BCS Champion at the University of Florida where he was considered the team’s offensive spark.  The Minnesota Vikings would draft Harvin in the First Round, where his rookie year was his best year in the NFL earning Pro Bowl honors and was consider a bona fide dual threat as a receiver and returner.  He…
Roman Harper played 11 seasons in Professional Football, nine with the New Orleans Saints and two with the Carolina Panthers.  As a Saint, Harper was a back-to-back Pro Bowl selection in 2009 and 2010, the former season would see him help New Orleans win the Super Bowl when he led the game with eight Tackles.  Harper would net 18 Interceptions…
A first rounder from Boise State, Ryan Clady brought an instance presence to the Denver Broncos O-Line immediately.  A second runner-up for the Offensive Rookie of the Year in 2008, the Left Tackle would go to his first of four Pro Bowls in 2009, not to mention being named a First Team All Pro.  He would again be named a…
A seven-year NFL veteran, Ryan Mathews would have two 1,000 Yard Seasons (2010 & 2013) both of which taking place when he was with the San Diego Chargers.  Mathews would be named to the Pro Bowl in 2011 and would have over 5,000 Yards rushing over his career.
We can’t wait to see this one.Tony Romo was loved or hated, though not because he was a polarizing personality but because he was a perceived choke artist in the playoffs.  While Romo did not have a great playoff record (2-4) but Romo (as of this writing anyway) he is the career leader in Quarterback Rating in the fourth quarter…
A twelve-year NFL veteran, Trent Cole spent most of his professional career playing Defensive End for the Philadelphia Eagles.  Cole was a very good pass rusher and in four seasons playing in the City of Brotherly Love he would achieve double digits in Quarterback Sacks.  Cole would be a Pro Bowl Selection twice (2007 & 2009) and he got to…
Undrafted in 2010 from UMass, Victor Cruz signed with the New York Giants and in his second season he became one of the surprises of the year with a 1,536 Receiving Yard Season and a salsa dance that captivated the nation every time he made it to the end zone.  Cruz helped the Giants upset the New England Patriots for…
Vincent Jackson may not have been considered one of the elite Wide Receivers of his time, but the wideout was certainly one of the most dynamic and explosive of his time.