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#23 Overall, Philip Rivers, Indianapolis Colts, #7 Quarterback

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#23 Overall, Philip Rivers, Indianapolis Colts, #7 Quarterback
29 Aug
After sixteen seasons as a Charger, Rivers takes over the Quarterback job for the Indianapolis Colts.  Statistically speaking, Rivers meets the requirements of a Hall of Fame Quarterback even in this era, but he needs that elusive Super Bowl, or at least an appearance.  That might not happen in Indianapolis, and we can’t stress enough how important that is for a Quarterback in regards to their Hall of Fame chances.

The Bullet Points

  • Games: 228
  • Approximate Value: 204
  • AV/G: 0.8974
  • Pro Bowls: 8
  • First Team All-Pros: 0
  • Passing Yards: 59271
  • Touchdown Passes: 397
  • Rushing Yards: 609
  • Rushing Touchdowns: 3
  • Super Bowls: 0
  • Super Bowl Appearances: 0
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