#39 Overall, Clay Matthews: Free Agent, #5 Linebacker

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#39 Overall, Clay Matthews: Free Agent, #5 Linebacker
31 Aug

Last Year’s Rank #38.

Matthews played one season for the Rams in 2019, after playing a decade in Green Bay, but a second never came as he was released before the 2020 season.  Still looking for work as of this writing, Matthews is a six-time Pro Bowler, but his last one was in 2015.  This may be it for Matthews, and it could be as simple as waiting for him to announce his retirement.

The Bullet Points

  • Games: 155
  • Approximate Value: 92
  • AV/G: 0.5936
  • Pro Bowls: 6
  • First Team All-Pros: 1
  • Interceptions: 6
  • Quarterback Sacks: 91.5
  • Tackles: 519
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