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2019 Fictitious Rock and Roll Hall of Fame -- Round 3

Jesse and the Rippers

Jesse and the Rippers
  • Contest: 2019 Fictitious Rock and Roll Hall of Fame -- Round 3
  • : If this were a real band…well there is no way they would have made it out of the Smash Club or Danny Tanner’s house, but in the Fictitious World…well, they never made further actually. Here is what we do like; as much as Full House had zero substance, it was light viewing and lasted eight years, and we aren’t embarrassed to say we watched it a few times and kept it on when the Rippers appeared and did a cover. We will also say that we love John Stamos’ ability to poke fun at himself as the band reunited on the Jimmy Fallon show, and he did so in full mullet. That adds a few points in our eyes.
  • TV Show/Movie Appeared: Full House (1987-95)
  • Actors: John Stamos (Jesse Kotsopolous)
    …and we have no recollection as to the Rippers were.
  • Songs you may remember: Have Mercy
    Multiple Covers
  • Why you should vote:: Stamos...seriously, even when he is doing wrong, it isn’t wrong.
  • Why you should not vote:: They actually were not that good.