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2019 Fictitious Rock and Roll Hall of Fame -- Round 1

Alpa Chino

Alpa Chino
  • Contest: 2019 Fictitious Rock and Roll Hall of Fame -- Round 1
  • : From Tropic Thunder, a movie that satires countless aspects of Hollywood, Alpa Chino was a closeted rapper who was hoping that the film of the same name was going to be his break as an actor. Already a star in the hip-hop industry, Alpa Chino followed what many other successful rappers did; they try to make themselves a mogul. Alpa Chino was promoting his energy drink and candy bar (known as Bust A Nut) throughout the film and while we don’t know if he ever made it as an actor, he was at least presented as a star musician. We do wonder however if he ever came out of the closet or if he continued to be on the “down-low”.
  • TV Show/Movie Appeared: Tropic Thunder (2009)
  • Actors: Brandon T. Jackson
  • Songs you may remember: I Love Tha Pussy
  • Why you should vote:: This was a very good movie and the character was presented as a star.
  • Why you should not vote:: Is this even one of the top five characters of the film?