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1. Tom Seaver

Two players have entered the Baseball Hall of Fame wearing a New York Mets hat.  Fittingly, Tom Seaver was the first.

Prior to the recent induction of Ken Griffey Jr., Seaver entered Cooperstown with the highest percentage from the voters, which considering he was one of the greatest Starting Pitchers that ever lived was fitting.  While he did not play his entire career in New York, “Tom Terrific” was at his Hall of Fame best during his years in the Big Apple. 

43. Tom Seaver

Tom Seaver was justifiably inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame with 98.8% of the vote.  He is equally warranted as our selection for the greatest New York Met of all-time.  Still, even though he spent five and a half seasons with Cincinnati after the “Midnight Massacre Trade” that decimated the Mets, do we ever think of “Tom Terrific” as a Red?

Our Top 50 All-Time New York Mets are now up

Yes we know how slow a process this is!

It has been awhile since we uploaded our last Top 50 players of a major franchise, but we are ready to do so again with a look at the greatest players in New York Mets history.

For one of the most popular franchises of Major League Baseball, the actual success of the organization is not that strong with only two World Series wins to their credit. 

The entire list of our Top 50 New York Mets can be found here, but in the meantime (as we always do) the top five are listed below.

  1. Tom Seaver
  1. Dwight Gooden
  1. David Wright
  1. Darryl Strawberry
  1. Jerry Koosman
Please note that this list is based on accomplishments up to the end of the 2016 Season. 

Up next will be a very young franchise from the NBA, the Toronto Raptors.
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