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29. Scott Hartnell

Scott Hartnell arrived via trade from the Nashville Predators and it was a match made in heaven.  The Flyers fans always love gritty power forwards (does the new mascot Gritty kind of resemble Hartnell?) and Hartnell was no different and his fun loving personality endeared him even more to the city.  Recording most of his goals by crowding the net, Hartnell was a two time 30 goal scorer and an All Star in 2012.

Scott Hartnell

Scott Hartnell was a very popular and tenacious player over his National Hockey League career who would be named an All Star in 2012 when he was a member of the Philadelphia Flyers.  It was when he was with Philly that his career was at its apex as he would have a pair of 30 Goal seasons there and was a large part of their deep playoff run in 2010.  He would also play for the Nashville Predators and the Columbus Blue Jackets in his career.
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