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37. Roy Conacher

Roy Conacher was already a two time Stanley Cup Champion (with Boston) and a World War II veteran before he arrived to the Blackhawks in his early 30’s and while it would have been a good assumption for most fans and pundits to think that his best seasons were behind him.  That wasn’t the case as he would still be a productive player and would put forth his best season in the 1948/49 campaign where he was a First Team All Star, the Art Ross Trophy winner and the leader in Power Play and Game-Winning Goals.  He would follow that up with two more 50 Point seasons.

Roy Conacher

The final entrant in the Hockey Hall of Fame’s Veteran’s Category, Roy Conacher won the Art Ross Trophy in 1949.  Conacher was seemingly born to score, as he led the NHL in goals in his rookie year, and would finish second four other times.  He was part of two Stanley Cup wins in Boston and like so many others, had his prime taken away by the second World War.  It is likely that the delay to Conacher’s delayer to the Hall of Fame, may have been due to a perceived one dimensional nature as he was never known for his defensive skills, nor his overall playmaking efforts.  Still, anyone who finishes in the top two in goals in five different seasons cannot seem out of place in the Hall of Fame.
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