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18. Dany Heatley

Statistically, Dany Heatley should merit a higher ranking, but in 2003 he crashed his car, which killed his friend and teammate, Dan Snyder, causing him to miss nearly a full season.  Heatley would request a trade from Atlanta to put the past behind him, thus alienating the fan base that stood by him who supported him through the tragedy.  
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102. Dany Heatley

Dany Heatley is known for two things.  The first is the disaster that took place when he was a member of the Atlanta Thrashers, where he was responsible for his teammate‚Äôs death from a car crash.  The second is what he accomplished on the ice where he was a former Calder Trophy winner and a star for the Ottawa Senators.   Is he a Hockey Hall of Famer?   He might be, but he has a lot to do recover before he is a serious contender.
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