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6. Al Horford

Far from a one-dimensional Center, Al Horford was the third overall draft pick in 2007 and paid early dividends for the Atlanta Hawks.  A runner-up for Rookie of the Year honors, Horford had two back-to-back All Star runs (2010-11 & 2015-16) and never had a season where he fell below 10 Points per Game.  Horford would also post seasons with a PER above 20.

#23. Al Horford, Philadelphia 76ers

Horford joins the Sixers team that is set to contend for the NBA Championship, though of course, he thought the same when he joined the Celtics three years ago.  His All-Star Selections may be behind him, but an NBA Championship could change the narrative.  His Elite Period stats are hampered by two seasons where he missed a ton of games, but he is an excellent player who is still compiling good numbers.  That might have to be his route to Springfield.
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