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4. Wally Szczerbiak

The son of former ABA player, Walt Szczerbiak, Wally Szczerbiak was sixth overall by the T-Wolves after being named the MAC Player of the Year.  The former University of Miami Redhawk would make First Team All-Rookie honors and in his third year, he would have his best ever campaign in the National Basketball Association.  That year, Szczerbiak would make the All-Star Team.  As a member of the Minnesota Timberwolves, Szczerbiak would finish in the top ten in Effective Field Goal Percentage three times and in Field Goal Percentage twice.

Our All-Time Top 50 Minnesota Timberwolves have been revised

Yes, we know that this is taking a while!

As many of you know, we here at are slowly generating the 50 of each major North American sports team.  That being said, we have existing Top 50 lists out and we always consistently look to update them when we can and based on necessity. As such, we are very happy to present our third revision of our top 50 Minnesota Timberwolves of all-time.

As for all of our top 50 players in basketball we look at the following: 

1.  Advanced Statistics.

2.  Traditional statistics and how they finished in the NBA. 

3. Playoff accomplishments.

4. Their overall impact on the team and other intangibles not reflected in a stat sheet.

This one went a complete overhaul, which was reflected in our top five as seen below.

The complete list can be found here, but as always, we announce our top five in this article.  They are:

1. Kevin Garnett                                         

2. Karl-Anthony Towns

3. Kevin Love

4. Wally Szczerbiak 

5. Terrell Brandon

Our top five remains the same, but there has been tinkering throughout the rest of the list.

We welcome your input and commentsand as always, we thank you for your support.

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