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Billy Bob

Billy Bob
There just seems something right for a movie about Texas High School Football to have a super fat Lineman named Billy Bob. Played by Ron Lester (who looked considerably older than the 28 he was at the time of filming), Billy Bob was the 300 plus pound country bumpkin who had a pig, a pickup truck and a shotgun.  Basically, he was the morbidly obese fat guy that every football film has; only this one wore a cowboy hat.

The Bullet Points:
Movie Appeared:
Varsity Blues (1999)

Ron Lester

Position Portrayed:
Offensive Lineman

Played for:
West Canaan HS

Why you should vote for him:
There is something right about a bloated Texan O-lineman in this Hall.

Why you should not vote for him:
This was a caricature more than a character.

Charlie Tweeder

Charlie Tweeder
We did not really have a problem with the performance of Scott Caan as Charlie Tweeder, the main Wide Receiver for West Caanan, but we were not exactly sure what it was supposed to be. Was he the ladies’ man, the comedian, or the future prison inmate? It was a little disjointed, but our biggest issue is not buying Scott Caan as an athlete, but wasn’t he a little short to be a Wide Receiver in a solid Texas High School Football program? This was the same guy who stood eye to eye to the diminutive “E” in Entourage.  

RIP: "Billy Bob"

Fans of our Fictitious Athlete Hall of Fame likely remember the late 1990’s film, Varsity Blues.  Sadly, we learned that Ron Lester, who played troubled Offensive Lineman, “Billy Bob” passed away at the age of 45.

Lester, who was morbidly obese during the time of the film, had lost most of that weight and did not look remotely like his former self.  Despite that weight loss (or perhaps because of it), Lester developed severe kidney and liver problems and had been in the hospital the last four months.  He was taken off of life support, as per his request.

The role of “Billy Bob” was the biggest of his career, and with the exception of a parody role of his Varsity Blues performance in “Not Another Teen Movie”, he was never in a major film again.

We here at and the Fictitious Athlete Hall of Fame extend our condolences to the friends and family of Ron Lester at this time.
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