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1. Pete Rose

Ah, the Hit King!

We all know that Pete Rose is banned from baseball, but the Cincinnati Reds recently placed him in their franchise Hall of Fame, as they should…he was the greatest player in team history.

Pete Rose's HOF Chances just got more remote

I don’t about the rest of you but I was really beginning to think that the chances of Pete Rose entering the Baseball Hall of Fame were increasing. 

With a new commissioner in place (Rob Manfred), who was distancing himself from Bud Selig, a major obstacle was removed.  Manfred himself had said that it was something he was open to talk about.   Many of the fellow baseball players who predated Rose and were against him being in the Hall are no longer with us.  Rampant PED use made his gambling sins look tame in comparison. 

As we all know, Rose was banned from baseball when it was proven that he bet on games while as a Manager for the Cincinnati Reds, allegations he denied for years until he admitted it in a 2004 autobiography, though he stated that he never bet on the game as a player, and it was never proven that he did…

Until now.

A report from ESPN’s “Outside The Lines” shows concrete evidence that Rose did place wagers as a player and did so with mob-connected bookmakers, information that will likely render his appeal for reinstatement moot as this uncovers another deception against the rules of baseball.

At age 74, Rose does not likely have the time to get forgiveness for this latest or recently discovered) transgression.  It is also interesting that it was expected that Rose would have some involvement in the All Star Game that is being held in Cincinnati in three weeks, though that participation will probably be revoked.

We here at feel that Pete Rose is still a Hall of Famer, but our expectations of that happening are gone now.  

Gossage and Thomas talk about Pete Rose

Follow my blog with BloglovinIt was not that long ago that Baseball Hall of Fame inductees, Goose Gossage and Frank Thomas made comments about suspected PED users entering the Hall of Fame.  Their stance was very strong that players such as Alex Rodriguez, Mark McGwire and Barry Bonds had no place in Cooperstown and should not be elected in to the Hall. 

Gossage and Thomas however do not have the same opinion on Pete Rose’s candidacy.

The former relief pitcher spoke with Platform Media and had the following to say about Pete Rose and a potential Baseball Hall of Fame induction:

It’s only a formality that Pete be elected to the Hall of Fame...As young players, the thing you learn early is to not gamble on the game or you will be suspended for life.

If we let Pete in, then gambling and everything else is out the window...The horse is out of the barn. What will that mean?...An old man once told me there’s a paddle for everyone’s ass. The paddle for Pete’s butt is not getting inducted into the Hall of Fame.”

Paddle for Pete’s butt? 

As for Frank Thomas, he spoke with and had a different take on the matter:

“What he did on the field was worthy of the Hall of Fame. Yes, he made a huge mistake and he’s been living his life trying to repair that. Based upon what he did on the field, I believe he should be in the Hall of Fame.”

Thomas clearly has a different take on gambling than he did in regards to performance enhancing drugs.

What this means for Rose is that there are certainly players, and it is many former players who comprise the Hall of Fame Veteran’s Committee, the only avenue in which Rose can get in that are adamant against the Hit King joining them. 

As you can imagine, the Pete Rose Hall of Fame watch will continue to remain interesting!

A new main logo for!

Maybe you noticed, maybe you didn’t, but we had a logo change here at


Since the inception of our site in 2009, our core logo has always had an image of a filmstrip with four different potential Hall of Famers from respective fields.  We have alternated from Pete Rose and Barry Bonds for baseball[1], Don Cherry for Hockey and in the past we have had Alice Cooper, Rush, Kiss (who would all get in) and now currently Deep Purple representing Rock and Roll.


The WWE, had always been represented by an iconic picture of Randy “Macho Man” Savage holding the Intercontinental Title.  Savage had fallen so far out of favor with the WWE that it almost literally took his death and a few years in top of it to get him into the Hall.


With Savage’s induction, a new WWE figure was needed…something that pops out right away.


We have elected to go with former three time Tag Team Champions, Demolition.


I know what some of you might be thinking.  Ax and Smash aren’t even in your top twenty-five and there has been little push for them to get in.  That may be, however this was a very popular team in their day, and damned if that look doesn’t stick out on the logo!


Besides with Bruno Sammartino, The Ultimate Warrior and Randy Savage now in, the ones who are no longer active or deceased who NEEDED to be there are now there.  That makes the other spot a lot harder to fill, so why not with a tandem of a former Masked Superstar and Soviet sympathizer? 


For the record, here are the other wrestling personalities that had been considered to take the spot of the “Macho Man” on the logo.


Owen Hart

Lou Thesz

“Ravishing” Rick Rude

“The British Bulldog”, Davey Boy Smith

Ivan Koloff


So there it is. 


Our current logo has Barry Bonds, Don Cherry, Demolition and Deep Purple.


Who will be the next one from our logo who will have to be removed because he/they got into their respective Hall of Fame?


As always, we here at would like to thank you for your support and look forward to your feedback!

[1] With the PED controversy, it seemed more appropriate to interject a steroids guy over a gambler.  Notice we didn’t say “inject”!

Pete Rose: still banned and still ineligible

That will teach us for getting our hopes up.

Didn’t it look for a while that Pete Rose had a shot of being welcomed back into the Baseball?

Even though other evidence came into existence how he gambled as a player (he had only thus far admitted to gambling as a Manager), Rose had a gig working as a broadcaster during the Major League Baseball Playoffs for Fox Sports and with a new commissioner, Rob Manfred, who had no ties to Rose’s past, it was thought that the window was opening for the ban on Rose to be lifted. 

The window has remained shut.

Rob Manfred announced today that Rose’s lifetime ban has been upheld, and the man who has the most Hits in Major League Baseball history remains ineligible for the Hall of Fame.

This is not to say that had he been reinstated, that he would have been a lock for induction: actually far from it.  For Rose to have gotten in, it would have to be an appointed Veteran’s Committee that comprises 16 people, 12 of which would have to say yes.

As it stands, it looks like Pete Rose will remain “1A” on our Baseball list for a few more years.  Maybe, he will never leave it.

The Cincinnati Reds will induct Pete Rose into their Hall of Fame!

Pete Rose may never get into the Baseball Hall of Fame.  However the Cincinnati Reds, the team in which Rose spent the bulk of his career with, has decided to ignore the nearly three decade ban that was upheld by Major League Baseball Commissioner, Rob Manfred, as they will be inducting the Hit King into their franchise’s Baseball Hall of Fame.

Rose, who is a native of Cincinnati, is still a revered man in that city, and this was where he led the “Big Red Machine” to two World Series Championships in the 1970’s.  As a Cincinnati Red, Rose accumulated 3,358 of his 4,256 career Hits; a number that may never be broken.  Rose would also win six Hit Titles, three Batting Titles, the Rookie of the Year and an MVP Award in Cincinnati.

The Reds will not only be inducting Rose into their Hall of Fame, but they will also be retiring his number 14, in a ceremony that will take place in June.  The organization also announced that they plan to erect a statue in his honor outside Riverfront Stadium.

While we are aware that will be some who will be angry with this decision, we here at are thrilled with the Cincinnati Reds for this decision, and are happy for Rose and the Baseball fans of Cincinnati.

Our Baseball List has been revised!

Over the last forty-five days, both the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and the Baseball Hall of Fame announced their latest classes.  Recently, we here at put together our latest list of the 500 plus Rock and Roll acts worthy of consideration for the vote that will take place in December of 2016.  Our baseball list is naturally next.

The 2016 vote saw Ken Griffey Jr. and Mike Piazza selected for Cooperstown, both of who were in our top five.  Obviously, they will be taken out of our Baseball 100, but there will be three new eligible former baseball players who will join them.

Let’s take a look at our new Baseball Top Ten.

Vin Scully does not endorse Pete Rose for the Baseball Hall

Pete Rose apparently has another detractor for his Hall of Fame bid.

In an interview with the AARP Bulletin, the man who in our opinion (and we would like to think everyone else too) is the greatest baseball broadcaster that ever existed, Vin Scully, was asked if he would vote for Pete Rose, who has been banned from Major League Baseball for gambling on the game.  Scully was direct in his answer:

“I wouldn’t.  Should he be in?  He should be.  But by his own hand, he locked the door and kept himself outside.”

This is huge for two reasons.  First, they don’t come more respected than Scully and when he has an opinion the baseball world will listen.

The second is Scully doesn’t offer his opinions on players, past or present in a negative light often, and when he does it, is makes an impact.

We would love to tell you that this will be the last time that an opinion on Pete Rose will appear on our website, but who are we kidding?  Look for the next one in late March.

Pete Rose to the Hall of Fame...sort of.

We really love the idea of this one!

Soon to be located in Milwaukee, The Bobblehead Museum has announced that the bobblehead of Pete Rose, baseball’s all-time hit king will be the first inductee.  The vote was decided by an online poll.

Rose will be on hand for the ceremony at the Pabst Theatre and will participate in a Q&A session after. 

This appears to be a very fun project and perhaps we will make a pilgrimage there to see the vast collection that they are in the process of procuring.  This might be the most fun Hall of Fame ever…with the exception of our Fictitious Athlete and Fictitious Rock and Roll Halls of Fame, of course!

Pete Rose tries again

Pete Rose is trying another channel to get into the Baseball Hall of Fame.

In a seven page letter to Cooperstown, Rose outline that the ban that was imposed him 27 years ago by then commissioner, Bart Giamatti was never designed to ban him from the Hall of Fame.  For those unaware, the Baseball Hall of Fame acts independently of MLB.  The year before Rose was to be eligible the Hall of Fame passed regulation that those who were banned from MLB were therefore banned from the Hall of Fame.

It is definitely worth noting that current commissioner, Rob Manfred noted when he did not reinstate Rose that this decision was not reflective of the Hall of Fame.

While Rose is banned from the Hall this did not stop Fox Sports from using him on their baseball playoff coverage last nor the Cincinnati Reds from inducting him into their Hall of Fame recently.

As always, we will be watching!

Gaylord Perry supports Bonds, slams Rose

It has felt that for years that existing Baseball Hall of Famers have been constantly stating that PED users have no place in Cooperstown.  As such, it took us by surprise when Hall of Fame Pitcher, Gaylord Perry said today that he thought Barry Bonds deserves to be inducted.

It took place in a conference call from Diamond Resorts, and while it was not exactly a glowing endorsement, it was considering that it came from a Hall of Famer over the age of 60:

“I think he’ll get in eventually.  If you have a player like that, pretty soon, you put him in.’’

While this is not exactly a ringing endorsement, compared to his Hall of Fame peers it really is!

Perry may have had a somewhat lackadaisical endorsement of Barry Bonds, he had an adamant stance against Pete Rose:

“Pete did the worst thing possible, worse than steroids,…he put money on games, win or lose. He’s paying the price.”

Quite the different stance regarding Rose isn’t it?

Gaylord Perry was not the only Baseball Hall of Fame inductee who was on this conference call.  John Smoltz was also on this call and he had a softer stance in regards to Bonds:

“I’m trying to figure out what is actual, and what isn’t,  To me, the one thing forgotten in this thing is the mission statement. Character is a big part of it. You have to not only have the numbers, but the character that matches it

If you have first-hand knowledge that a player used, or has publicly acknowledged it, I think it’s an easy decision. When it is circumstance and evidence, and you don’t know, and just follow the rumor mill, that’s difficult for the writer to be judge and jury.”

This is not exactly an endorsement for Bonds, but it is not a condemnation either.

As it stands now, Bonds and his “PED brethren” are on the outside looking in, but from revealed ballots it looks like he and his ilk are inching closer to the 75% needed to get in.  As some writers have put it, the fact Bud Selig has been chosen by the Today’s Game Committee, it is harder to omit the players who juiced up under his watch.

The Baseball Hall of Fame will announce their Class of 2017 on the 17th of January.

This could be the most interesting vote yet!

Frank Thomas softening his HOF stance towards the PED users

Frank Thomas has always been critical of PED users getting into the Baseball Hall of Fame.  At the recent “Sox Fest”, The Big Hurt has softened his stance on that…sort of.

Ivan Rodriguez, Jeff Bagwell and Tim Raines were selected for Cooperstown this year, and Thomas is not overly thrilled with two of them anyway:

“We have two great players going in (this year) and they know. It's no secret.  If they didn't do it they would be stomping and kicking on interviews, 'I didn't do it.'

If you didn't, you come to the forefront, 'Let's take a lie detector test," and these guys won't do it. Some of these guys were great players, but they wouldn't have been great players without drugs."

Thomas did not use Rodriguez and Bagwell by name, but it was clear that these were the two players he was speaking of.

Rodriguez, who enter the Hall on his first year of eligibility was named in Jose Canseco’s book, “Juiced” as someone who he personally injected with PEDs has been someone who many have speculated (though never proven) to be a PED user.  Bagwell has also been accused by some, but again, never proven. 

While Frank Thomas is “not happy” that Bagwell and Rodriguez are inducted, he now has developed an “all or nothing” attitude in regards to higher profile PED suspected users:

“Now some guys are getting passes and some guys are not. It's wrong.  If you're going to punish Barry Bonds and Sammy Sosa and Roger Clemens, how can you let the rest of these guys get in?

Either you let all those guys in and put them in a special wing or you clean it up and keep everybody out."

Based on hard line stance that Frank Thomas has taken in the past towards PED users in the Baseball Hall, this is practically a 180, or at least an acknowledgement of the era itself.

This coincides with many writers relaxing their stance on the PED users, especially with Bud Selig selected as a Today’s Game inductee.  Those writers claim that the PED rise and subsequent ignoring of it for years happened under Bud Selig’s watch. 

For what it is worth, Thomas doe support the induction of Pete Rose to the Hall and was excited with the selection of Tim Raines to Cooperstown.

Who will be the next Baseball Hall of Famer to come out in support, or against these former players?  We know it won’t take long to find out!

We are announcing Baseball revisions for the 2018 Vote!

When one Hall of Fame class is chosen it means it is time for us to start revising.  Now that the Baseball Hall of Fame has selected Tim Raines, Jeff Bagwell and Ivan Rodriguez to Cooperstown, we are now ready to put out our new Baseball List

As such, we took into account the following when looking at our Baseball Revisions:

Ranking the now eligible former players.  We already have them on our futures sections and your votes and comments have been taken into account. 

The votes and opinions that all of you have given based on those who are already on the list.

Remember, we encourage you to keep giving us your opinions and comments as this does alter our rankings as we continue.  Also, it is worth noting that we have expanded our 100 to 105. 

So, let’s get right to the Top 10!

If you are a regular visitor here, you know that we have a 1A, 1B and 1C on our to accommodate:

1A. Pete Rose:  The Hit King remains ineligible for the Hall of Fame due to gambling.

1B. “Shoeless” Joe Jackson:  Jackson remains ineligible after nearly a century has passed following the Black Sox Scandal of 1919.

1C. Roger Clemens:  It is either Clemens or Bonds in this spot.  Rocket gets the duke only because he has a slightly higher vote tally from all of you who voted.  Seriously though, can we get off the PED era already?

2. Barry Bonds:  The All-Time leader in MLB Home Runs remains #2.  While he does not have the vote total that others have who are ranked lower, like Clemens, this is as far as his (and Clemens) basement goes as far as is concerned, and yes, we know we said that we too take your votes into account!  With these two, we re going to hold firm right now.

3. Chipper Jones:  The career Atlanta Brave is considered by many to be a first ballot Hall of Fame inductee.  Jones has the stats, both traditional and advanced, a World Series Ring and is very well liked.  He is the highest rated new entry.

4. Mike Mussina:  Mussina may have dropped one spot, but he is still a major snub in our eyes.  The former Yankee and Oriole may have played in high profile markets but his profile is relatively low amongst those who think about Cooperstown.  Apparently it is low with the Baseball Hall of Fame voters too.

5. Bill Dahlen:  “Bad” Bill Dahlen also drops one spot.  Dahlen is one of the few legitimate omissions from the game’s early days and was surly as he was good…and he was very good!

6. Jim Thome:  Thome statistically should be a first ballot Hall of Famer, and probably will be, but for someone who smacked over 600 Home Runs with an OPS of .956, he is a player that could easily fall below the radars of voters on the first go around.  He is the second highest ranked of the new entries.

7. Manny Ramirez.  Manny is being Manny in Japan now, but he got a far higher vote in his first year of eligibility than many people thought he would.

8. Curt Schilling.  Schilling took a tumble with the voters this year, the biggest drop of anyone who was on the ballot.  It might be worth watching to see if he falls again.

9. Vladimir Guerrero.  “Vlad, The Impaler” had the biggest jump in our Top 20, moving up from 14 to 9.  Guerrero was very close to entering Cooperstown on his first try, and probably should get in on his second try.

10. Lou Whitaker.  The sabremetric darling of the Detroit Tigers infield remains in the #10 spot.

Chipper Jones and Jim Thome are not the only new entries on this list.

Scott Rolen debuts at #18.  The former infielder and seven time All Star brings a very interesting case to the Baseball Hall of Fame and we are very curious to see how his first vote goes.

Chipper Jones is not the only high profile former Atlanta Brave to make the top 50 as Andruw Jones debuts at #49.

Johan Santana debuts at #67 though we wonder how much higher he would be if he lasted just two more seasons. 

Omar Vizquel is another new entry.  The defensive star makes his first appearance at #76.

Johnny Damon and Jamie Moyer appear at #99 and #105 respectively.

You know what we want you to do!

If you haven’t cast your vote for these former baseball players on our list, please do so and offer your opinion!

As always, we here at thank you all for your support!

More Pete Rose news with the BHOF

Is this still going on?

The Baseball Hall of Fame, which we want to note acts “independently” of Major League Baseball has announced that Pete Rose is still banned from the Hall.

Here is what they stated:

"After extensive discussion, a vote was taken in which the Board ratified the resolution that was passed on February 4, 1991, known today as Rule 3(E) in the BBWAA's election rules. As such, anyone deemed permanently ineligible by Major League Baseball, including Pete Rose, may not be considered for election to the Baseball Hall of Fame."

As it stands now Pete Rose remains ineligible but in the view of many (and us) he is Hall of Famer.

Pete Rose and the Baseball HOF news won’t end anytime soon.

Our Top 50 All-Time Cincinnati Reds are now up

Again, did we ever say this would be fast?

We here at have completed our next all-time top 50, this time that of the Cincinnati Reds.

As for all of our top 50 players in baseball we look at the following:

  1. 1. Sabremetric tallies while with that team, mostly WAR.
  1. 2. Traditional metrics and how they finished in their respective league overall.
  1. 3. Playoff accomplishment.
  1. 4. Their overall impact on the team and other intangibles not reflected in a stat sheet.

Remember, this is ONLY based on what a player does on that particular team and not what he accomplished elsewhere and also note that we have placed an increased importance on the first two categories.

Saying all of that, as.

The complete list can be found here, but as always we announce our top five in our news. They are:

  1. 1. Pete Rose
  1. 2. Johnny Bench
  1. 3. Frank Robinson
  1. 4. Joe Morgan
  1. 5. Barry Larkin

This is a solid top five with four Hall of Famers and one who should be.

So which team is up next?

We go back to the ice and look at the top 50 Dallas Stars of all time.

Look for that in a couple of months.

As always, we here at thank you for your support.

Major Update: Our Baseball List has been revised

Recently we uploaded our updated Rock List. We have another major update as our Baseball list has now been altered following the selection of six new members entering the elite halls of Cooperstown.

Six former players left our list, four via the vote (Chipper Jones #3, Jim Thome #6, Vladimir Guerrero #9 and Trevor Hoffman #20) and two from the Veteran’s Committee (Jack Morris #11 and Alan Trammell #12). This clears up both the top portion of our list but the Hall of Fame voter’s ballot, which should allow for others who have been waiting to enter the Hall.

While four major names left the Hall of Fame ballot the voters have some new names to consider, three of which are in our new top ten with another making our top twenty.

Our new top ten is as follows:

The #1 position is actually split in three, which is how we have done this since the inception of our Baseball list. As Pete Rose and Shoeless Joe Jackson are not eligible for the Baseball Hall of Fame, we have deemed them both “1A” and 1B”.

This means that Roger Clemens who is ranked “1C” is the highest eligible player. This is where he was ranked last year.

Barry Bonds remains at #2. Two years ago, Bonds held Clemens’ spot but your votes brought the switch. Regardless, we feel that both Clemens and Bonds are Hall of Famers.

The highest debut this year is Mariano Rivera, the greatest (no, we will not say arguably) reliever of all-time. The career New York Yankee enters our list at #3, but we suspect that he will enter the Hall on his first ballot.

Mike Mussina remains at #4. While he continues to gain support his name is a low-key in comparison to other candidates.

Another Pitcher debuts in the top five in the late Roy Halladay. The former two time Cy Young winner won 203 Games to only 105 Losses and he led his league in bWAR for Pitchers four times.

Bill Dahlen dropped from #5 to #6 while Curt Schilling moved up one spot from #8 to #7. Schilling traded spots with Manny Ramirez, who was #7 last year.

The top ten is rounded out by Lou Whitaker who moved from #10 to #9 and new entry Todd Helton is #10.

Another significant new entry is Andy Pettitte. The five time World Series winner debuts in #15.

There are three more entries with Lance Berkman #89, Miguel Tejada #95 and Roy Oswalt #104.

With these changes we now have 106 ranked former baseball players with our eventual intention to swell the number to 150.

You know what we want you to do!

Take a look at these new entries cast your votes and gives us your opinions as this does affect our future rankings.

Pete Rose discusses the Baseball HOF and Johnny Bench

Never change Pete Rose!

We don’t think that we need to tell you that Pete Rose is one of our favorite people to talk about, mostly because he was banned from baseball and what was once a surefire first ballot Hall of Famer became a pariah who the Baseball Hall of Fame removed from the ballot completely.

Rose is constantly asked about the Baseball Hall of Fame and in a recent interview with the Brian Kilmeade Show he sounded off on Johnny Bench, his former teammate and Catcher with the Cincinnati Reds.  Bench has been vocal that he believes that Rose should not be allowed in the Baseball Hall of Fame due to betting on the game.  

Rose had the following to say:

“It don’t bother me but you know Johnny Bench is one guy who should have tanked God that I was born because he would have never made the Hall of Fame if I wasn’t born…Because I’m the guy he knocked in a thousand times.  You got guys in front of you guys right behind you and you got to be responsible for everybody else involved”.

We don’t think that Rose actually believes that as he would go on to say that he would always say that “Bench was the greatest Catcher that ever lived” so there is certainly some contradictory statements here but while he said there was not animosity between the two it is hard to see otherwise.

He would continue:

“I would think if he’s a Cincinnati fan and he cares about the city of Cincinnati that he would probably want me in the Hall of Fame.”

Like we said, never change Pete Rose!

Major Update: Our Notinhalloffame Baseball List has been revised

A few weeks ago, the Baseball Hall of Fame announced their 2020 Baseball Hall of Fame Class.  The result was that Derek Jeter (on his first ballot), and Larry Walker (on his tenth and final) were chosen to enter Cooperstown. The two will join former Catcher, Ted Simmons, who was elected by the Veteran’s Committee.  All three of those former players were ranked in the top ten, and have been removed from the list.

For the first time since we began this list in 2010, there is no new entry in our top 15.  Actually, there is no new entry in the top 50.  This should assist in clearing any existing backlog. 

The new top ten is:

1A. Pete Rose.  Following the bombshell that was the Astros sign-stealing scandal, Rose again lobbied for reinstatement in the Majors.  His reasoning was that since no Astros player was punished, that logic should transfer to his own situation.  That likely won’t happen, but he did remain in the news as President Trump also said he should be in the Hall of Fame.  Since he is ineligible, he has the “1A” designation.

1B. “Shoeless” Joe Jackson. Like Rose, Jackson was banned from baseball, which is now 100 years old.  Jackson was banned for his (alleged) participation in the 1919 Black Sox scandal where players were paid by gamblers to throw games in the World Series to the Cincinnati Reds.  Jackson was a Hall of Fame worthy player, but as such his estate has to settle for his “1B” rank.

1C. Roger Clemens.  Unlike Rose and Jackson, Clemens is Hall of Fame eligible, but the PED stain has kept him out thus far.  He has two more years left and a big mountain to climb, but what looked impossible a few years ago, could be attainable.  

2. Barry Bonds.  Ditto for Bonds, and the only reason he is behind the “Rocket”, is because he has a slightly lower vote total than anyone than Clemens.  The all-time Home Run king is in the same boat as Clemens, as they both are in the low 60s in voting with two years left of eligibility.  

3. Lou Whitaker.  Playing his entire career with the Detroit Tigers, Lou Whitaker was only on the Hall of Fame ballot for one year, but has appeared on the Veteran’s Committee Ballot. There is still a good chance that he could enter via that route and join his double play partner, Alan Trammell, who also had to wait for a Veteran’s Committee admission to Cooperstown.

4. Bill Dahlen. “Bad” Bill Dahlen has been a Veteran’s Committee Nominee before, and could be again. The surly Shortstop was a defensive gem, a World Series Champion with the Giants in 1905, and is still in the top 50 in bWAR for Position Players.

5. Curt Schilling.  Had it not been for the mouth, political views and Twitter account of Curt Schilling, he would likely already have been inducted by now.  As it stands, he is close with a recent tally of 70% on his eight ballot.  Schilling has been on his best behavior in the last year, and with the weakest ballot in memory, he will enter Cooperstown in 2021 if he keeps his nose clean.

6. Manny Ramirez.  Unlike Barry Bonds and Roger Clemens, Manny Ramirez WAS caught using PEDs and did so when the Baseball Player’s Union had an agreement with Major League Baseball.  Ramirez has approached 30% in the last ballot, and statistically he belongs, but induction is unlikely as of this writing.

7. Todd Helton.  Helton could follow Larry Walker into the Baseball Hall of Fame, and his Hall of Fame support approached nearly 30% on his second year on the ballot. Helton is definitely on the right trajectory.  

8. Gil Hodges.  This might surprise you, but one of the most debated players on our baseball list is Hodges.  This is the player who has the most accumulated votes that never got inducted, and his name is synonymous with Dodgers lore.

9. Tommy John.  Tommy John Surgery is actually represented in the Baseball Hall of Fame, but John himself is not.  He has 288 Wins and 2,245 Strikeouts and he will definitely appear in a future Veteran’s Committee ballot.

10. Scott Rolen.  Rolen jumped from 17.2% to 35.3% on his third year of eligibility, and while he was not a Colorado Rockie like Todd Helton, he is the one called the “New Larry Walker” based on belief that he will methodically work his way into Cooperstown.  We agree with that assessment.

As you can see, there are no new entries in the top ten.  There are actually, nobody new in the top fifty.  The only two new entries are Mark Buehrle at #74, and Tim Hudson at #101.

This brings a unique opportunity for those who are on the 2021 ballot as the returning nominees will not be looking to be “slotted” below anyone new. 

We are in the preliminary process of expanding our list to 300.

You know what we want you to do!

Take a look, and if you haven’t done so already, cast your vote and offer your opinion!

Awards = HOF? Part Six: The Silver Slugger (First Base) (MLB)

We here at thought it would be fun to take a look at the major awards in North American team sports and see how it translates into Hall of Fame potential.

Needless to say, different awards in different sports yield hall of fame potential.  In basketball, the team sport with the least amount of players on a roster, the dividend for greatness much higher.  In baseball, it is not as much as a great individual season does not have the same impact.
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