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45. Michael Jackson

Arriving to Baltimore as part of the franchise relocation, Michael Jackson would be a Raven for three seasons and in 1996 would lead the NFL in Receiving Touchdowns.  That would be the only year in his career where he exceeded 1,000 Receiving Yards.

The Jackson 5

It was said that the family patriarch Joe Jackson wanted his brood to eclipse that of the Osmonds and in that was a mission accomplished in every conceivable way.  They were a huge force in the 70’s and much of their music remains well known today.

Michael Jackson

Potentially the greatest musical icon since Elvis Presley, there was nobody on the planet who has not heard of Michael Jackson. Despite how bizarre his actions were, even those who would say that could not stand him would respect his musical ability. If even those who hate you think you are a pure talent, you can imagine how those who loved him felt.

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