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Jason Taylor 2017 HOF Debate

Here we are in the National Football League playoffs but for us that it means it is time to discuss the potential class of the 2017 Pro Football Hall of Fame.  The Finalists have been announced, and along with regular contributor, Spheniscus, we will go back and forth with each candidate and openly debate as to which player would be a worthy Pro Football Hall of Fame inductee.

Committee Chairman: Spheniscus, we go to a team I am sure you are familiar with Jason Taylor, the former Dancing with the Stars contestant and Miami Dolphin.  Taylor is a member of the 100 Sack Club and Defensive Player of the Year.  I think Taylor is getting in, but I think they are going to put him on the backburner for one year.  Thoughts on Taylor’s Hall of Fame candidacy and why so many NFL players go on DWTS? 
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35. Bob Kuechenberg

As one of the men who used to eagerly wait for the final undefeated team to lose every NFL season, Bob Kuechenberg was a staple on the fame Miami Dolphins O-Line.

As part of the Dolphins two consecutive Super Bowl champions, Kuechenberg actually enjoyed better individual seasons after.  Although he looked like a reject from the Longest Yard Prison Team (the original movie); Kuechenberg would enter into six Pro Bowl seasons.  What he lacked in ability, he made up for in guile.
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59. Keith Jackson

It might be hard being named Keith Jackson when there was already a very famous sports commentator with the same name who became the voice of the sport.  The Tight End with the same name still managed to carve out his own identity.
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121. Irving Fryar

As the first overall pick in 1984, many expected Irving Fryar to be great right away.  He wasn’t, but his career showcased a slow climb to being one of the elite receivers in football, and a lot of times hearing his number called by broadcasters on Sunday afternoons.
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132. Mark Clayton

Dan Marino may have been one of the greatest Quarterbacks in National Football League History, but it sure helped that he had Mark Clayton lined up with to throw Touchdowns to.
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152. Joey Porter

A member of the NFL 2000’s All-Decade Team, Joey Porter had a very productive run in the National Football League, especially with the Pittsburgh Steelers where he won a Super Bowl Ring.  The member of the NFL 2000’s All Decade Team, Porter would fall two Sacks shy of the 100 mark and would be regarded as one of the dirtiest defensive players of his time.
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