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9. Kirk Muller

The New Jersey Devils had the number two choice in the 1984 Draft, and since they were not going to get Mario Lemieux (who went number one) they went with Kirk Muller, who was a damned good player in his own right.  

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100. Kirk Muller

Although he was shocked to find he was traded to Montreal, Kirk Muller did not dwell on it for long. Much like he did in New Jersey, Muller was a star, putting points in the stats column without missing much ice time. Muller was a six time all star and was among the better offensive left wings of his day. When his skills eroded, he was still an effective checker and was a great help on both the defensive and locker room front. Muller did finish with over 900 points, and six All Star appearances. Kirk Muller was never flashy, but he was always effective.

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