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Harry Hogge

Harry Hogge
Based (and can’t you also tell by the alliteration?) on Harry Hyde, the Crew Chief for NASCAR legend, Bobby Issac, Harry Hogge was the patient, vertebral mentor for the reckless and youthful Cole Trickle in Days of Thunder. Although Duvall was fine in what was a weak film, we still have to admire the way he was calm the way he taught Trickle what a carbonator was.

Bet that Harry Hyde never had to that for Issac!


The Bullet Points:
Movie Appeared:
Days of Thunder (1990)

Robert Duvall

Role Portrayed:
NASCAR Crew Chief

Why You Should Vote For Him:
Duvall is an acting legend, and had patience with Cruise (Trickle) on film, and probably off of it!

Why You Should Not Vote For Him:
Days of Thunder may have made a lot of money, but it was not exactly a stellar flick.


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