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  • Published in Football

37. Harold Carmichael

At 6’ 8, we were not sure how anybody watching Philadelphia Eagles games could ever miss Harold Carmichael, no matter how bad their television was.  Luckily for those same fans, Eagles Quarterbacks didn’t miss him either.

Harold Carmichael was a sure handed receiver for over a decade.  He had a magical 1973 campaign where he led the league in receptions and receiving yards.  Although he never duplicated those stats, he would twice more hit the 1,000 yard mark.  Carmichael was one of the game’s all time clutch Wide Receivers and he was the man who you expected to penetrate the end zone for the Eagles.  A whopping thirteen percent of his catches were for touchdowns, and remember this is someone who is firmly entrenched in the top one hundred all time in receptions.
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