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Chavo Guerrero Sr.

It is virtually impossible to watch WWE programming without seeing a second (or even third) generation performer.  As of this writing, thirteen members of the current roster have a parent who competed as a professional wrestler, and there is a lot of indication that this number will grow.  Florida Championship Wrestling (the training ground for the WWE) has many more second generation sports entertainers waiting to continue the legacies put forth by their parents.

RIP: Chavo Guerrero Sr.

This is one of the saddest days for us at and for me specifically, Kirk Buchner, the owner of this site.

My friend, Chavo Guerrero Sr., passed away after a battle with liver cancer.  He was 68 years old.

I am not going to speak now about his decorated career, which while extensive, is not the way I will remember him.  To me, Chavo was a man whose heart exceeded his muscles, whose passion for wrestling was only matched by his pride of being a member of the Guerrero family.  He was proud, always told you what was on his mind and possibly the most genuine man I ever met. 

A few years ago, I interviewed him for our site and shortly after he asked me to work on his autobiography, which other than the epilogue we have finished.  Chavo helped us out with a YouTube video, counting down those who should be considered for the WWE Hall of Fame, and his expertise and charismatic way in which he discussed people who were his former co-workers was as entertaining as he was in the ring.

My heart goes out to the Guerrero family and his many fans. 

Amigo, you will be missed.    
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92. Chavo Guerrero Sr.

The son of Gory, the older brother of Eddie, and the father of Chavo Jr., was one hell of a wrestler in his own right. Chavo Guerrero (known by many as Chavo Classic from his stint in the WWE) actually has a championship resume that most wrestlers would envy.
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