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RIP: Bob Kuechenberg

As we are deep into the NFL Playoffs a member of the most successful post season team of all time died today as former Miami Dolphin, Bob Kuechenberg passed away today at age 71.  

A Dolphin for all fourteen of his NFL seasons, Kuechenberg played 196 Games, starting 176 of them predominantly at Left Guard.  Kuechenberg was a member of the Dolphin’s perfect 1972 14-0 Super Bowl VII team and he would help them repeat as champions in Super Bowl VIII.  He would be chosen for six Pro Bowls and two First Team All Pros.  

He is ranked #43 on our Football List as those worthy of consideration for the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

We here at would like to extend our condolences to the friends and family of Bob Kuechenberg at this time. 

11. Bob Kuechenberg

Looking like a grizzled vet long before he became one, Bob Kuechenberg had a strange start in his NFL career.  The product of Notre Dame was taken in the fourth round by the Philadelphia Eagles, but he quit during training camp and played semi-pro for a year.  The Dolphins signed him in 1970, and he would find a home in pro football for the next fourteen years.

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33. Bob Kuechenberg

As one of the men who used to eagerly wait for the final undefeated team to lose every NFL season, Bob Kuechenberg was a staple on the fame Miami Dolphins O-Line.

As part of the Dolphins' two consecutive Super Bowl champions, Kuechenberg actually enjoyed better individual seasons after.  Although he looked like a reject from the Longest Yard Prison Team (the original movie); Kuechenberg would enter into six Pro Bowl seasons.  What he lacked in ability, he made up for in guile.
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