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16. Bob Johnson

Bob Johnson was a very good player who arguably had the misfortune of playing for the Philadelphia Athletics at a time when they were not that good.  As such, many of his accomplishments went unnoticed, but that is one of the reasons why we are here.

23. Bob Johnson

In 1968, the University of Tennessee’s Bob Johnson was the first player drafted by the Cincinnati Bengals, who was the Second Overall Pick.  While you can easily say that he was not a star player, he was durable, and as it turned out, an excellent choice for their first-ever pick.

Bob Johnson

Bob Johnson was a very successful coach at the University of Wisconsin, leading the Badgers to three NCAA championships, and internationally would be named the coach of three U.S. Canada Cup teams and the 1976 Olympic squad. His skills transferred well into the NHL, where he would take the Calgary Flames to the Stanley Cup Finals (where they lost to Montreal), and would be the man who coached the Mario Lemieux led Pittsburgh Penguins to the Stanley Cup in 1991. Johnson would be the first American born coach to host the Cup in over fifty years.
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