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The premature death of front man, Shannon Hoon brought to an end what may have been a Hall of Fame career. Best known for their folksy hit, No Rain, Blind Melon scored big with their debut album in a way that was not typical of other Alternative bands of their time. The group drew more from Classic Rock than Grunge, yet crossed over to both sets. Although their second album did not sell as well, it is unknown what Blind Melon could have accomplished had Hoon survived. It is conceivable they could have had a twenty year acclaimed career, or just as possible that they would have disbanded and never been heard from again. Sadly, we will never know. 
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Spheniscus presents the new Rock and Roll HOF eligibles: Part 4 of 8 http://www.notinhalloffame.com/blogs/from-the-desk-of-the-chairman/8653-spheniscus-presents-the-new-rock-and-roll-hof-eligibles-part-4-of-8 http://www.notinhalloffame.com/blogs/from-the-desk-of-the-chairman/8653-spheniscus-presents-the-new-rock-and-roll-hof-eligibles-part-4-of-8 Spheniscus presents the new Rock and Roll HOF eligibles: Part 4 of 8
Regular contributor Spheniscus has brought us something that we are very excited to share with all of you. It won’t be long before the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame announces who their Finalist for the next class and our friend from Chicago by way of Boston has put together his top 40 acts in terms of their chances who enter eligibility this year.
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