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There have been many movies about College Football but there has never been a more dominating player that Bobby Boucher, the water boy turned defensive beast for the South Central Louisiana State Mud Dogs.  Boucher may not have been the cerebrally gifted player to ever visit the gridiron but his inner rage allowed him to deliver the most vicious hits in the NCAA and took a terrible team to the Bourbon Bowl.  Boucher’s prowess was so strong that the competition relied on playing only defence to keep the home grown Cajun off of the field.You can do it Bobby!  You can play “foosball”.The Fictitious Athlete Hall of Fame is pleased to welcome Bobby Boucher into the Class of 2017. The Bullet Points: Movie Appeared: The Waterboy (1998) Actor: Adam Sandler Position Portrayed: Linebacker Played for: South Central Louisiana State Mud Dogs {youtube}VSulFZ7XJ1U{/youtube} {youtube}_ZpDnXYIFjo{/youtube}
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Happy Gilmore http://www.notinhalloffame.com/fahof-current-inductees/2015-fahof-inductees/the-2015-fictitious-athlete-inductees/2729-happy-gilmore http://www.notinhalloffame.com/fahof-current-inductees/2015-fahof-inductees/the-2015-fictitious-athlete-inductees/2729-happy-gilmore Happy Gilmore
Happy Gilmore (1996)Professional GolferDoes this make it a clean sweep for hockey for the 2015 Inductees?While Gilmore was a washout as a hockey player, he did have a booming shot, which was about the only real hockey skill he had.  Gilmore would parlay that skill to hustling on the driving range, and when he learned from one armed golf pro, Chubbs Peterson how much money he could make playing professionally, he took to the links in order to raise enough money to save his beloved grandmother’s home.Gilmore would gain a lot of fans on the tour and changed the dynamic of who watched golf.  The new blue collar slobs who frequented the gallery didn’t make Gilmore a lot of friends within his new peers, especially the slimy Shooter McGavin, who desperately wanted Happy off of the tour.You know what happened right?  Happy Gilmore won the championship, saved his grandmother’s house and got a pre Modern Family, Julie Bowen, and on golf courses everywhere duffers constantly ask the ball if they are too good for their home when they miss their putt.The Fictitious Athlete Hall of Fame is proud to welcome Happy Gilmore to the 2015 Class!{youtube}8QJiAK-s5a0{/youtube} {youtube}0u5O2--9www{/youtube}
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