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Committee Chairman

Committee Chairman

Kirk Buchner, "The Committee Chairman", is the owner and operator of the site.  Kirk can be contacted at [email protected] .

The UFC HOF adds two names

We make no claim to understand the criteria or the process for getting into the UFC Hall of Fame. Best we can tell, the decision is an arbitrary one made by the President of UFC, Dana White. As it is a relatively new sport, the Hall of Fame understandably has only a few members, all of which are relatively young and only out of the sport for a short time. As such, when the UFC announces that it will induct new fighters, they are usually fresh out of the sport, as is the case with the two new inductees announced this past weekend.

Actually, the two fighters in question have been tied together since they both emerged on the scene. Forrest Griffin and Stephen Bonnar fought each other in the finals of the first season of the Ultimate Fighter and the two had what is still considered the greatest fight in Mixed Martial Arts history. It was not just a great fight, but a contest that was a landmark in the sport and spiked interest in the UFC organization. Griffin won the decision, and would go on to win the promotion’s Light Heavyweight Championship. Bonnar would also have a solid career in UFC, though he never won a championship. He would finish with an 8-7 record in UFC, where he recently made headlines for testing positive for steroids after a match with Anderson Silva.

As Bonnar was never a champion, we have to wonder how he makes the UFC Hall of Fame, especially a career that observers of the sport have characterized as “up and down”. Again, this is an organization whose Hall of Fame is far from transparent, and probably won’t be any time soon.

Both Griffin and Bonnar will be inducted at the Fan Expo at UFC 162 this July.

The 1979 Hockey HOF Class is up

Our work on the existing Hockey Hall of Fame Classes continue. We have now made our way to the year of 1979. The Class of 1979 contains:

Bobby Orr

Gordon Juckes

Harry Howell

Henri Richard

Gang you know the drill. Check it out, and cast your votes and let us know whether you think they deserved their Hall of Fame induction. Look for upcoming classes soon!

The WWE List is revised!!!

Well, it’s that time again where we here at have updated our WWE List. In a very short period of time, the WWE has made their Hall of Fame a hot commodity, and wrestling fans are in constant debate as to who should be the next to join. Considering that there is no actual Hall of Fame facility, this accomplishment is especially impressive.

As WWE fans know, “Hell froze over” with the shocking induction of Bruno Sammartino. The “Living Legend” was a long-time critic of the organization and its owner, Vince McMahon in particular. On our inaugural list, two years ago, Bruno held the top spot, until your votes pushed the “Macho Man” Randy Savage into the number one position. Savage remains in the Number one spot for the 2013 list, but there have been other additions that have affected the top ten, and the list overall.

The changes come from wrestlers being moved from “Future Candidates” to the regular list. This decision is based on either, or a combination of age, ring activity and the overall belief that the career is not only winding down, but the chances of one great run in the WWE are the proverbial “slim to none”.

The highest debut is current TNA superstar, Sting, who makes his first appearance at the #7 spot. Although the man christened Steve Borden is still wrestling on a somewhat active schedule in TNA, he is in mid 50’s and realistically is competing on borrowed time.

Another high profile debut is Japanese superstar, The Great Muta. Although Muta still is very much active, he is 50 years old, and the dream of many WWE fans to see Keiji Mutoh appear in a WWE ring appears over. Muta takes the #20 spot and is now the highest ranked Japanese wrestler on our list.

Jeff Jarrett also debuts at a very high spot at #35. “Double J” has not appeared on TNA television lately and his overall ring schedule has decreased substantially in the past two years. We would say based on the way he left the WWE in 1999 that his chances are remote, but with Bruno’s induction we are reminded of the “never say never in the WWE” that McMahon often claims.

Another high profile debut is a Japanese star that just competed in his retirement match. Kenta Kobashi was in a plethora of five star matches, though none of them were in the WWE, or even WCW. In fact, with the exception of Ring of Honor in 2005, Kobashi did not appear in the United States. Kobashi was granted the #81 spot.

Current (though rarely used) William Regal rounds out the top #100. Regal himself has mentioned that his in ring career is near its end, and though he is still receiving a pay check from Stamford, we don’t ever see a run even in the mid-card for the Englishman.

We have added two other wrestlers who we feel we may have missed out previously. Waldo Von Erich and Cyclone Negro have been allotted the 141 and 223 positions respectively.

You know what we want you to do! Take a look and give us your votes and your opinions. Remember that votes and comments do affect our future rankings, and we WANT to hear from you.

As always, we thank you for all of your support!

Brian Urlacher Retires

It was expected by many but made official today. Brian Urlacher, who spent his thirteen seasons in the National Football League as the face of their franchise and star Linebacker for the Chicago Bears called it a career today after testing free agency this past off season when his contract was not resigned. Urlacher believed that he could have kept playing in the NFL (and he probably could) but stated that he
“didn't want to put another jersey on for any other team. Obviously, it wasn't going to be for the Bears this year, so I thought it was the right thing to do to shut it down."

We can wager that Urlacher’s number has a good chance of being retired by Chicago, and we think he has a great chance for the ultimate post career accolade; the Pro Football Hall of Fame. He is a four time First Team All Pro, and an eight time Pro Bowl selection. We expect that he will be ranked high once eligible. We would like to thank Brian Urlacher for all the memories on the field.