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Committee Chairman

Committee Chairman

Kirk Buchner, "The Committee Chairman", is the owner and operator of the site.  Kirk can be contacted at [email protected] .

Coming Soon at NIHOF


           It may be the “Dog Days of Summer” and the sports world may not be at its most eventful, but that does not mean that we here at do not have some serious plans for the remaining hazy days of the season.

          Coming soon will be the next Basketball revisions. We can tell you that a brand new #1 will be crowned as last year’s #1 & #2 (Gary Payton & Bernard King) were selected for enshrinement.   Overall, eight new first year eligible players will be making their way onto our Basketball 100, two of which will be entrenched in the top five.

          Once that is done, we will look to world of Hockey. Unlike Basketball, the #1 Selection (Don Cherry) remains, but four of the top ten were selected last month. With Dominek Hasek, Mike Modano and Peter Forsberg entering their first year of eligibility, a major reshuffling of the top ten will occur.

          Once Hockey has been revamped, we are planning a retooling of the WWE List. It will expand to 300 with the addition of old school candidates that were not previously considered. Unlike the large sports, the WWE has consistently pushed in candidates who were outside our top 50. A top 300 is not as farfetched as you think.

          Finally, a MAJOR new section is coming. We have been working on this for a few months, but it will be a separate Hall of Fame, created by us for all of you. We will decide the inaugural entry, but after that, it is all up to you. A bit of a tease, we want you think about your favourite sports “characters” of the last forty five years. Look for that in September.

          We thank all of you for your support, and we look forward to growing the website together with all of you.

Bill Geurin and Doug Weight to the USHHOF


          The United States Hockey Hall of Fame has added five new members to its institution. In our eyes, there are two co-headliners, that being Doug Weight and Bill Guerin.

          Weight played for nineteen seasons with seven different NHL clubs. He finished his career with 1,033 career points, a Stanley Cup Ring with the Carolina Hurricanes in 2006, and the King Clancy award in 2011. Like Weight, Bill Guerin is a four time NHL All Star. The Right Winger won two Stanley Cups (1995 New Jersey & 2009 Pittsburgh) and was once a Second Team All-Star Selection. The two American were teammates on three U.S. Olympic squads.

          The two players are joined by Carolina Hurricanes owner Peter Karmanos Jr., former Michigan State men's coach Ron Mason and women's star Cindy Curley.

          We here at congratulate these five selections to the U.S. Hockey Hall of Fame.

A New Logo for NIHOF

          Here is something you may not have noticed….. We here at have altered our logo a tad. With the new design of the website, the logo has taken a bit of a smaller profile; however it is a design that is meant to fluctuate.

          In our first incarnation, the four profiled were Alice Cooper, Don Cherry, Randy “Macho Man” Savage and Pete Rose. Cooper would receive his first nomination and subsequent induction shortly after our initial logo. We replaced Alice with Rush, and we actually thought that the Canadians would stay on the logo for a few years. We were pleasantly surprised that they were inducted, and were happy to remove them.

          As such, we are here to launch our third version of the logo. In Rush’s place is KISS, a band who will always have a top ten spot on our list, and is likely to remain out of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame for an extended period of time. The new logo also has Barry Bonds in place of Pete Rose. Although the “Hit King” has not entered the Hall, and is banned from Baseball, Bonds is the top player of the PED era, and the man with the career Home Run record appears to be forever banished from Cooperstown. As such, we thought, this was an effective change.

          Gang, there is a lot more coming on this site, and we can’t wait to show you what is coming next!  

The 1983 Hockey HOF Class is up

Our work on the existing Hockey Hall of Fame Classes continue. We have now made our way to the year of 1983 (which for the record is easily among our favourite Classes). The Class of 1983 contains:

Bobby Hull

Harry Sinden

Ken Dryden

Stan Mikita

Gang you know the drill. Check it out, and cast your votes and let us know whether you think they deserved their Hall of Fame induction. Look for upcoming classes soon!