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Please welcome our new blogger, The Kidd!

Gang, we here at are pleased to welcome a new member to our family.  Take a look on our top tab, and you will see a new entry next to hockey, Kidd's Corner.  The Kidd brings to us his perspective in the world of hockey and he has already given us a look at the NHL trading deadline; the craziest day in the season.  Give it a look!

Ron Simmons to be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame

Ron Simmons has been selected for the 2012 WWE Hall of Fame class, and we are very happy with this selection.  Simmons wrestled mostly as "Faarooq" in the WWE, first leading the "Nation of Domination" faction in the late 90's and then spending the rest of his WWE tenure in a tag team with Bradshaw (who would later be known as JBL).  Prior to that, Simmons was the first African American World Heavyweight Champion in WCW and was a college football standout at Florida State.  Of note, this makes the third major post career accolade for Simmons as he is already in the College Football Hall of Fame (2008) and had his jersey retired by the Seminoles.  We congratulate Ron Simmons on this latest achievement in what has been a stellar career.   

Another move from the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.....That We Like!

It has been reported that the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame will be working with Downtown Cleveland to create a "Walk of Fame" of sorts.  Hall of Fame inductees will have their names emblazened with bronze plaques in downtown, which is a way of cementing the Rock Hall as a larger attraction for the city.  We will go on record that we love this initiative, and are happy for anything that may draw people to Cleveland; a hard working town that really needs this type of tourism revenue.

Tim Wakefield Retires

Okay, we know that Tim Wakefield is not a Hall of Famer, and will not escape the first year of eligibility on the ballot.  With that said, we have a soft spot for good knuckleball pitchers, and Wakefield was certainly that.  He retires with 200 wins, the bulk of which were with the Boston Red Sox.  He was a one time All Star with a pair of World Series rings.  It may not be Hall of Fame, but it is a solid career to us.