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RIP: Don Cornelius

We lost a legend today in Don Cornelius, who was the Host and Producer of the television program, Soul Train.  The show was a national vehicle, enabling many African American artists to gain exposure that they would not normally receive.  Soul Train filled a void on television and created an impact still felt today.  Cornelius died at the age of 75 due to an apparent suicide.

Mike Tyson named to the WWE Hall of Fame

Gang, we are not shy about our distaste for the "Celebrity Wing" of the WWE Hall of Fame.  Combined the four inductees have competed in two matches and would have less than three hours of TV time (the majority of which was Bob Uecker's appearances at Wrestlemania 2 and 3).  With that said, if they are going to have this wing, the least they could have are people who have given more of their time to the WWE.   We finally have a celebrity inductee we can finally justify.

Mike Tyson was not just the special "enforcer" at the main event of Wrestlemania 14 between Shawn Michaels and "Stone Cold" Steve Austin; he was very much an active participant in the match.  More importantly for our purposes, Tyson lent his time to two months of television leading up to it; even going as far as to become an on screen member of D-Generation X.  By doing so, he helped spike ratings (at a time when his name still had value, and the WWE needed it), and led more intruige to the match.  Tyson has always openly loved wrestling and has been on record saying that it was the most fun he ever had in a ring.    We sincerely congratulate Mike Tyson for entering the WWE Hall of Fame, and we congratulate the WWE for making a legitimate choice to their celebrity wing.  

A Shoutout to DDT

Gang, I would like to ask a favor if I could.   Actually, I would like to do you all a favor.  If you haven't done so already, check out the DDT's Pop Flies tab on the top.  He has provided some great material for the site and it is always a good read!  Check his page often and prepare to be entertained!

Jorge Posada Retires

Now this one intruiges us a lot.  Longtime New York Yankees Catcher, Jorge Posada retired today.  An article on ESPN claimed he should be looked at as a Hall of Famer.  We aren't so sure.

Posada was a great player, of this there should be no doubt, but a Hall of Famer?  Posada was not the best Yankee, and we aren't thinking of him as the best Catcher of his time.  He hit for power, but did not reach 300.  He did not come close to 2,000 hits and his career WAR, while decent at 44.7 is not an automatic Cooperstown entry.  He was not known for being a stellar defender either.  Yet......Five All Star births, Four World Series Rings, and managing the Yankees rotation should equal.....what?   Honestly, we are befuddled on this one.