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Andy "Champ" Purcell

Andy Champ Purcell

The Champ (1931)


Many of you asked us why we did not include Fictional Athletes prior to 1970.  We listened and created a special Veteran’s Category, which featured fictional athletes from movies prior to 1970 and we awaited to see who all of you would pick to be the first Fictitious Athlete “Veteran” for our Hall of Fame.  Loud and clear, you all told us: It was the original “Champ”.

The original 1931 film saw it portrayed by veteran actor, Wallace Berry, who played the down on his luck alcoholic boxer to perfection, earning an Academy Award in the process.  Boxing, especially back then, was a dirty business, and this was one of the best reflections of that.  

The Fictitious Athlete Hall of Fame is proud to induct Andy “The Champ” Purcell as the first Veteran of the Hall!

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