Dr. Johnny Pervert

Greetings and Salutations to you all!

My name is Dr. Johnny Pervert (pronounced per-vehr…The T is silent, and I am French after all) and I have offered Notinhalloffame.com my expertise on the most attractive women is sports.

Now you may be saying this to yourself; who is this guy to tell me about hot women, and why do I need you to tell me these things? There are lists like this all over the Internet!

I will address the second one first.

The lists/countdowns I have seen generally focus on one sport, or just one crop of Olympians. Sometimes it will be for one country. More often than not, the list never exceeds 50.

As for my list, I looked at the entire earth; so much so that I looked at sports I never really cared about (and once and a while didn’t know existed) and despite my location in America’s heartland I looked at as many countries as I could to make the perfect list!  This also included sports that are not exactly your traditional ones, at least by my North American eyes.

That’s the quality. As for the quantity, I decided to go for a number that I have not seen anywhere else: 400. As far as I can see, no other website has elected to find that number of damsels who are worthy of putting on a pedestal.

That answers one question.

The second is who am I to rank them.

Well, I am a Doctor of Love, and gangster of passion and one whose love of women is known worldwide…and no I am not some degenerate living in his parent’s basement!

Now with that out of the way, let’s take a look at this bevy of athletic beauties!

Feel free to let the good doctor if there is someone I missed or someone else you think fits the bill…so to speak.
Skylar Diggins turns heads in the WNBA for two reasons.  The first is because she is an incredible female player and one worth the price of admission.  The second is because she is exceptionally hot and knows exactly how to make every square inch of form look good.  The good…
The good doctor is convinced that I have to book my plane to Oslo.  How can I not?  I have shown you many hot Norwegians, will show you some more, and am showing you one now.  Here is alpine skier, Ragnhild Mowinckel, and have I mentioned that I need to…
The good doctor can tell you that there is a lot of beauty in the nation of Spain, and on the links you can find it in Beatriz Recari.  This is one sand trap I would not mind being caught in!
The good doctor is loving all of these blonde babes from Australia.  As you can see, I am offering you another one, this time Casey Eastham from the hockeyroos.  Eastham and many of her teammates are many reasons to YouTube Australian Field Hockey Games.  
Now while the good doctor thinks that synchronized swimming is a very silly sport, I do respect the fact that when you strip off that unnatural makeup from some of these girls you can come up with some serious natural beauty.  Case in point: Frankie Owen, a lovely ginger from…
Switzerland is known for its beautiful mountains, but the good doctor thinks of that country far more for the lush hills on the attractive Swiss ladies.  Two of my favorite, belong to Alpine Skiing sensation, Lara Gut, a versatile performer on the skiing circuit.
Do you remember how the good doctor told you that he wants to watch Australian Field Hockey Games?  You probably don’t, as you are likely looking at the pictures, but let me amend that by saying that women like Anita Punt, I am going to amend that to Australia VS…
Another fencer?  The good doctor is polishing his sword while he is thinking about German fencer, Monika Sozanska, another ravishing athlete from that country.  Damn, I love the new Germany!
If you were to think that the good doctor is a commie lover that means one of two things:  The first is that you are very old and still use the word “Commie”.  The second is that means you haven’t been paying attention to the vast amount of attractive Russian…
Ezinne Okparaebo does not look like what you think a Norwegian athlete would look like, but the good doctor loves how the world is changing, and he loves looking at the Nigerian born and Norwegian raised sprinter.   To borrow a song title from the Beatles, I am now sporting some…
Doesn’t it seem that for a county with the population that India has that there should be more world class athletes?  No matter.  The good doctor was on a mission to find a hottie from the sub-continent and that is exactly what I am giving you in squash player, Dipika…
Hola Chica!  The good doctor doesn’t usually equate sprinting and Puerto Rico and chances are neither do you!  Still, if I am going to put those two things together I don’t think it gets better than Carol Rodriguez, the half African-American/half Hispanic who is 100% delicious!  
While the good doctor has never been to a handball game in Norway, the lovely smile of Amanda Kurtovic might be enough to make me change my mind.  Somehow you forget that Norway has hot brunettes too!
Jackie Perez is another one of the delicious and uber-toned babes of crossfit.  The good doctor does have to tell you though that he loves that All-American look combined with that hint of Latina edge.  Actually, what is more American than that?
The good doctor suspects that you probably don’t think of female German judo competitors, and until I got a good look at Romy Tarangul, neither did I.  Is it safe to say you might be paying attention now?
Now the good doctor knows that you have seen a bounty of Russian women, but can this extend to basketball?   Why yes it does.  For your consideration, I present to you Natalia Zhedik, a beauty from St. Petersburg and a stalwart on the Russian National Team.
The good doctor can never resist the obvious joke.  Rachel Cummins, the dark haired beauty from the Mixed Martial Arts makes me want to “cummins” a lot.  Do you think she has heard that one before?
While American Julia Mancuso might be entering the tail end of her career, the good doctor would like to enter her tail end.  Too lewd?  Maybe.  But there is no way that your favorite medical specialist is the only one!
The lakes of Switzerland must have a lot of beauty to it and I am not talking about the view.  Actually, the good doctor is talking about the view of Swiss Beach Volleyball star, Nina Betschart, who is one Swiss Miss I would like to see more of!
Damn!   The good doctor loves the combination of athleticism, fierceness and hotness that comes from American Sprinter, Sanya Richards-Ross, who for whatever reason does not receive the attention that she should.  Maybe I can make up for it here!