Top 50 Charlotte Hornets Thu, 23 Jan 2020 10:31:57 +0000 Joomla! - Open Source Content Management en-gb 1. Gerald Wallace 1. Gerald Wallace
While Gerald Wallace never had the word “Hornet” on his chest, with the amalgamation of Bobcats/Hornets history in Charlotte, this is the man who we are christening the greatest Charlotte Hornet of all time.
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2. Kemba Walker 2. Kemba Walker
The Final Four MVP and NCAA Champion with the University of Connecticut, Kemba Walker has not had the same team success with the Charlotte Hornets but this does not mean that he has not put up very good numbers in the pros.  He certainly did, as he moved up to our number one spot for this franchise.  The Point Guard is a very good scorer whose overall game has been improving year by year and is one of the more underrated players in the NBA.  While Walker's Hornets teams only made the playoffs twice over his eight years with the team, the fact that they even made two was mostly because of him.  He would be named to the All-Star in his last three seasons in the Queen City and he was a Third Team All-NBA Selection in what was his final season before signing with the Boston Celtics.
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3. Larry Johnson 3. Larry Johnson
While we can’t say we never really understood the Grandmama gimmick, Larry Johnson made an immediate splash in Charlotte and gave the team a “buzz” around the league.
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4. Muggsy Bogues Muggsy Bogues
While he may not top the list, standing at five foot three, Muggsy Bogues is definitely pound for pound the best Charlotte Hornet of all time. Bogues spent ten years in Charlotte where the pit sized Point Guard continued to defy logic and was a fan favorite not only in Charlotte but in the entire NBA.
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5. Dell Curry Dell Curry
Dell Curry is the man who holds the record for being the all-time leading scored for the Charlotte Hornets. He also holds the all-time record for many other figures in Charlotte history, but his “low” rank stems from not being a superstar in National Basketball Association figures but from his slightly average stats over an extended duration as a pro in Charlotte.
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6. Glen Rice 6. Glen Rice
Three for three. Glen Rice was with the Charlotte Hornets for three seasons and in every NBA campaign he was named to play in the All Star Game, the second of which would see him win the MVP for the game and cement himself as a must watch player. Rice would also go “three for three” as he would average over 20 Points per Game as a Hornet, which included a 26.8 PPG in the 2006-07 campaign; a season where he would also lead the National Basketball Association in Three Point Percentage Shooting.
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7. Anthony Mason 7. Anthony Mason
Anthony Mason would put up some of the best numbers of his career as a member of the Charlotte Hornets. In the 1996-97 season, he would lead the NBA in Minutes per Game and that year would put personal bests in Points, Rebounds, Assists and Blocks per Game as well as PER and VORP.
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8. Alonzo Mourning 8. Alonzo Mourning
The second overall pick in the 1992 Draft (behind Shaquille O’Neal), Alonzo Mourning made an immediate impact in the NBA for the Charlotte Hornets. Playing his first three seasons with Charlotte, Mourning would be an All Star twice and would average a spectacular 21.3 Points, 10.1 Rebounds and 3.1 Blocks per game as a Hornet.
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9. Emeka Okafor 9. Emeka Okafor
The second overall draft pick of the Charlotte Bobcats and the first ever pick for the Charlotte Bobcats gets a bad rap in many circles. Many articles have been written calling him a bust, but the fact remains that Okafor averaged a double-double every season of his run in Charlotte and was also the Rookie of the Year.
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10. Baron Davis 10. Baron Davis
Playing the first five seasons of his career as a Hornet (though only the first three in Charlotte, that cost him a few spots on this rank), Baron Davis came out of UCLA as the third overall draft pick and would become an All Star in his third year in the NBA. Davis would blossom into one of the better Point Guards in the NBA in a Charlotte uniform and he would continue that growth when the team relocated to New Orleans.
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11. Marvin Williams 11. Marvin Williams
The Sixth Man of the 2005 NCAA North Carolina Tar Heels Championship Team and former 2nd Pick Overall would sign with the Charlotte Hornets nine years after his collegiate glory.  Thus far, Williams has provided good production in the five seasons he has played in Charlotte and could rise significantly in this ranking.
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12. David Wesley 12. David Wesley
Undrafted out of Baylor, David Wesley proved a lot of people wrong when he successfully transitioned to Point Guard and put up solid numbers when he made his way to Charlotte. Wesley would put up his biggest Points per Game Average as a Hornet, though he was not always as productive as he should be as a distributor. Still, Wesley was a decent Point Guard for Charlotte during his tenure and warrants this high rank.
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13. Elden Campbell 13. Elden Campbell
Elden Campbell was with the Charlotte Hornets for three and a half seasons (plus another half-season when the team was relocated to New Orleans). While Campbell would put up some of his best offensive numbers as a Hornet, he would also be known for his defensive skills, which would always made him a coveted big man in the NBA. It was not an accident that Charlotte made the playoffs three years in a row while he played there.
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14. Cody Zeller 14. Cody Zeller
Nicknamed "Big Handsome", Cody Zeller has completed five seasons with Charlotte, which to date is the only team he has ever played for.  While Zeller will never be confused for a flashy player, he has proven to be certainly capable and is often praised for his unselfishness and dedicated to team play.  A cerebral player, Zeller rarely makes mistakes and his likability often hides the fact that maybe he hasn't reached the level that should be expected of a fourth overall pick.  While that might be true, he certainly proved himself to be an asset as a Hornet.
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15. Al Jefferson 15. Al Jefferson
A surprise free agent signing, Al Jefferson came with a large paycheck and large expectations, and while Charlotte has not become a power in the East, Jefferson has certainly done his part to make the team as competitive as he could. In his first season with Charlotte, he would average a double-double and would make Third Team All-NBA.
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16. Eddie Jones 16. Eddie Jones
Eddie Jones was already a certified star from his time with the Los Angeles Lakers, where he went to two All Star Games, however as a member of the Charlotte Hornets, Jones would make his third All Star appearance and put up his best scoring numbers as well as his best performance in PER.
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17. Vlade Divac 17. Vlade Divac
Vlade Divac was one of the more popular players in the NBA, but for many in Charlotte, this is the guy who was traded for the rights to Kobe Bryant. History now shows that trade being a little lopsided (though let’s be honest, do you really see Kobe playing his entire career in Charlotte?) but history also shows that Divac was a very good player who put up good numbers in every metric.
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18. Raymond Felton 18. Raymond Felton
The fifth overall ick in the 2005 NBA Draft, Raymond Felton was the Point Guard for the North Carolina Tar Heel team that won the NCAA title in just before his draft. Felton was not a champion in Charlotte, but Felton was a solid scorer and distributor in the pros.
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19. Hersey Hawkins 19. Hersey Hawkins
Coming out of Bradley, Hersey Hawkins had a solid three year run (over two stints) with Charlotte, where he would put together a solid 11.4 Points per Game run. That may have been a lower statistically than he was with the Philadelphia 76ers years before, but his run in Eastern Pennsylvania helped make him a draw in Carolina.
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20. Nicolas Batum 20. Nicolas Batum
As of this writing Nicolas Batum has proved to be a solid acquisition for the Charlotte Hornets.  The product of France has shown a decent scoring ability as he has averaged 12.8 Points per Game, which includes a 15.1 PPG season in the 2015-16 season, a career high.  Batum's defensive abilities don't always go noticed outside of Charlotte but it should as that has been some of the better attributes of his game.  He could easily rise higher in this ranking.
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21. Jeremy Lamb 21. Jeremy Lamb
As of this writing, Jeremy Lamb had played for the Charlotte Hornets for the past four seasons at a reserve role at the Shooting Guard position.  Lamb’s career originally began with the Oklahoma City Thunder where he bounced back and forth multiple times with their D-League affiliate but he eventually found his role and after being traded to Charlotte he began to excel at it.
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22. Michael Kidd-Gilchrist 22. Michael Kidd-Gilchrist
With seven years on (as of this writing) there is still a lot for left for the second overall pick of the 2012 to prove in the NBA. Thus far, Michael Kidd-Gilchrist, the champion from Kentucky has seen a marginal improvement from his rookie season (where he was a Second Team All-Rookie selection), however, a shoulder injury will sideline him for the 2015-16 season. He would return but it appears that he may never see the heights that might be expected of a second overall pick, yet he has been a solid player who doesn't necessarilly have a weak spot in his game, but doesn't exactly of a discernable strength.
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23. P.J. Brown 23. P.J. Brown
While P.J. Brown would spend five seasons with the Hornets, only two of which were in Charlotte, which as you know for basketball history according to the NBA, only equates to two campaigns for this endeavor.
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24. Boris Diaw 24. Boris Diaw
While Boris Diaw improved his overall game with the San Antonio Spurs (helping them win a NBA Title in 2014), the Frenchman did have a couple of good seasons in Charlotte before he ran afoul of management due to not being in the best physical condition. Diaw set personal bests in Points Per Game, and Rebounds per Game as a Bobcat, which is what got him to this elevated rank, but realistically, he is in a much better role coming off of the bench as opposed to starting as he did in Charlotte.
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25. Kenny Gattison 25. Kenny Gattison
A well respected Power Forward and product of Old Dominion, Kenny Gattison would be one of the more tenured players in Charlotte history playing 390 of his near 500 Games with the Hornets. Gattison was not the best player on his team, but his natural leadership and desire to the little things that didn’t show up on a stat sheet made him an asset to his team.
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26. Brevin Knight 26. Brevin Knight
Arriving as a Free Agent, Brevin Knight was allotted the most playing time in his career and had the only two campaigns of his career where he exceeded 10 Points per Game. The Point Guard kept his distributing numbers high and would lead the NBA in Assist Percentage in the Bobcats inaugural year.
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27. Jamal Mashburn 27. Jamal Mashburn
Like a few others on this list, Jamal Mashburn lost a few ranking spots due to his Hornets tenure being split between Charlotte and New Orleans. Despite that fact, Mashburn made his 116 Games in Charlotte count. In Charlotte, Mashburn would average over 20 Points and 7 Rebounds per Game producing over 10 Win Shares as the scoring leader of the team.
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28. Matt Geiger 28. Matt Geiger
A seven footer from Salem, Massachusetts, Matt Geiger spent the best three years of his NBA career with Charlotte. Geiger, while non-descript to many had a soft image yet still averaged 10 Points per Game in Charlotte, and stepped up his defensive presence more than he got credit for.
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29. Kendall Gill 29. Kendall Gill
Beginning his professional career with the Charlotte Hornets, Kendall Gill was a spectacular dunker who made the First Team NBA All-Rookie Team. Gill would become an effective scorer for Charlotte and in his sophomore season would average more than 20 Points per Game. Gill was a balanced player, who for whatever reason has fallen through the cracks in Charlotte basketball folklore.
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30. D.J. Augustin 30. D.J. Augustin
While D.J. Augustin has shown flashes of brilliance over his career, it has always been countered with ample mistakes. Still, when he was on, Augustin showcased solid shooting, especially from the free throw line as a Bobcat (he would finish in the top ten in the NBA three times in Free Throw Percentage) and averaged over 10 Points per Game while donning Bobcat orange.
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31. Gerald Henderson 31. Gerald Henderson
Drafted in the first round out of Duke, Gerald Henderson spent his first five seasons in a Charlotte uniform. Henderson would become a decent enough scorer but his overall game did not develop strong enough with the Hornets to have a higher ranking.
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32. Derrick Coleman 32. Derrick Coleman
A two time Third Team All NBA player and one time All Star when he was playing for the New Jersey Nets, Derrick Coleman still had a lot left in the tank when he arrived to Charlotte in his early 30’s. Coleman no longer had a double-double average, but could still explode for great games on both ends of the court.
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33. Jason Richardson 33. Jason Richardson
How did Jason Richardson rank so high when he only played one season and change with Charlotte, and was unable to take them to the playoffs? The answer is that while he couldn’t take the team to the post season, Richardson did put together one of the better offensive seasons in franchise history and for an organization that hasn’t had that many, it is enough to elevate him in this rank.
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34. Johnny Newman 34. Johnny Newman
While Johnny Newman was an NBA journeyman, his three year and change run with the Charlotte Hornets, was the most productive of his career. Newman would have two straight seasons averaging more than 15 Points per Game for the organization.
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35. Dwight Howard 35. Dwight Howard
Ok…let us begin with the obvious. Dwight Howard will be a first ballot Hall of Famer and he should be. 
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36. Bismack Biyombo 36. Bismack Biyombo
From the Democratic Republic of Congo, Bismack Biyombo is a big man who was adept at rebounding and blocking and as of this writing is in his second stint with the Hornets.  To date, Biyombo has averaged 5.8 Rebounds and 1.4 Blocks per Game for Charlotte and what he might lack in talent he makes up for in determination.  He is currently in his second run with the Hornets.
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37. Frank Kaminsky 37. Frank Kaminsky
During his collegiate career at the University of Wisconsin, Frank Kaminsky was the consensus College Player of the Year in 2015.  Drafted ninth overall, Kaminsky has to date (and as of this writing) played all four of his seasons with Charlotte.  Usually used off of the bench, Kaminsky has shown decent production with a pair of 10 plus Points per Game seasons.
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38. Kelly Tripucka 38. Kelly Tripucka
Arriving in Charlotte as a two time All Star, Kelly Tripucka finished his career as a Hornet and did so with some impressive offensive numbers as he would average 22.6 Points per Game in his first season in Charlotte. He would decline quickly, put he provided the scoring threat in the inaugural season that Hornets fans craved.
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39. Scott Burrell 39. Scott Burrell
In his sophomore season, Scott Burrell would become the starting Point Guard for the Charlotte Hornets and in the process would finish third in balloting for the Most Improved Player in the NBA. Like so many, injuries would take him out of the starting lineup but the Point Guard’s 1994/95 season was decent enough to place him on a list like this, on a team with the limited history of the Charlotte Hornets.
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40. Josh McRoberts 40. Josh McRoberts
The stay of Josh McRoberts in Charlotte was a brief one but he was known for his defensive acumen and ability to pass from the paint. The product of the Duke Basketball factory was a coveted role player through his career and his play in Charlotte certainly increased his stock among league executives.
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41. Jamaal Magloire 41. Jamaal Magloire
Had this been the lineal history of the Charlotte Hornets (now New Orleans Pelicans), Jamaal Magloire would have a much higher rank. In fact, in his first two years in the NBA (that was spent in Charlotte), he only started eight games but he proved that he belonged in the NBA and would actually have his highest PER season and true shooting percentage (2001-02) in Charlotte, and when the team was in New Orleans, he would make his lone All Star appearance.
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42. Primoz Brezec 42. Primoz Brezec
While the Slovenian seven footer may not have been a huge star in the National Basketball Association, Primoz Brezec did have a couple of decent campaigns with Charlotte where he averaged over 10 Points per Game. A selection in the expansion draft, Brezec enjoyed the most minutes of his career, but beyond his first two seasons as a Bobcat, Brezec didn’t accomplish much else in North American basketball.
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43. Bobby Phills 43. Bobby Phills
The story of Bobby Phills is a tragic one as the Shooting Guard died in a car crash while speeding on January 12, 2000. The Hornets would retire his number in his memory the following month, which would become the first (and to date only) number retired in franchise history.
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44. Eddie Robinson 44. Eddie Robinson
Eddie Robinson was a very capable backup Small Forward who spent the first half of his brief career with Charlotte. Robinson, who was not a starter often, did showcase some athleticism that allowed him to have a decent career in the NBA, far more than was expected from an undrafted player from Central Oklahoma.
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45. Nazr Mohammed 45. Nazr Mohammed
A two time NCAA Champion at the University of Kentucky, Nazr Mohammed would not have the same kind of team success playing in Charlotte. Still the native of Chicago was an above average defensive presence who was a great presence under the glass. He would have his highest PER in a season (19.6) with Charlotte in the 2009/10 campaign.
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46. Brad Miller 46. Brad Miller
Brad Miller would become the first undrafted player to make an All Star team, though unfortunately for Charlotte that took place long after he left the organization.
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47. Matt Carroll 47. Matt Carroll
While Matt Carroll was not one of the most productive players in NBA history (realistically, expansion got him a job with Charlotte), Carroll does have one of the longer tenures (serving two stints) with the franchise. He was known for his work ethic as a player, making the most for what he had and you knew he was never going to make a mistake due to apathy.
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48. Stephen Jackson 48. Stephen Jackson
While Stephen Jackson was considered a problem by many fans, the well travelled Shooting Guard was considered a popular player among his teammates. Jackson played two seasons with the Charlotte Bobcats where he would post good scoring numbers with a 19.8 Points per Game Average and above par defense.
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49. Armen Gilliam 49. Armen Gilliam
A forgotten player in basketball lore, Armen Gilliam was somewhat of an ironman who had his best seasons with Charlotte, though this was likely due to expansion and being a top option in his brief time with the squad. Still, this was clearly his best run in the NBA and one that got him on this list.
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50. Kurt Rambis 50. Kurt Rambis
When you think of Kurt Rambis you think of two things: those glasses and the Los Angeles Lakers. It is forgotten by many that Rambis had a role in the early days of the Charlotte Hornets.
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