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2016 Basketball Eligibles

Allen Iverson rarely was the second best at anything. AI was always the most exciting player on the court and the most controversial player off of it. At his best he was a shot happy guard who practically carried the 76ers on his back to the NBA Finals and won the MVP that year. Three times he was he named to the First Team NBA…
A very solid player throughout his career, Michael Finley was capable of brilliant flashes of offense in the open court, and a stronger commitment to defense in his later campaigns. In his prime, Finley was a two time All Star and an electric player to watch. He was a workhorse on good Dallas Maverick teams (three times he led the NBA in minutes played) and…

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  • 252. Pampero Firpo
    252.  Pampero Firpo
    He was wild, crazy looking and with a thick Argentine accent, Pampero Firpo stood out in what was a very colorful crowd.  Firpo had a natural look of a heel, and wrestled in a style that would predate the Hardcore scene that would popularize wresting later.  Despite his crazy look, Firpo did have a natural charisma that allowed him to…
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