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Anfernee Hardaway

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Anfarnee Hardaway
This one should be fascinating. Anfernee “Penny” Hardaway may have played in the imposing shadow of Shaquille O’Neal for the Orlando Magic in the mid-90’s, but Hardaway was a certifiable star in his own right with multiple commercials (remember Lil’ Penny?) and a pair of post season First Team All Star Selections. With O’Neal, Hardaway helped Orlando reach the NBA Finals and in terms of Guards, was among the elite in the last half of the 90’s.

Injuries plagued Hardaway, and realistically, he was only a star for five years. Is this enough? It could be, as his skills matched his popularity, but his decline was a rapid one and odds are strong that he is on the wrong side of the Hall of Fame bubble. Penny should (and will) make our notinhalloffame top 100, but where should he be placed?


The Bullet Points:
Country of Origin:
Memphis, Tennessee, U.S.A.

Eligible In:

Point Guard/Shooting Guard

Played for:
Orlando Magic
Phoenix Suns
New York Knicks
Miami Heat


1st Round, 3rd Overall in 1993

Major Accolades and Awards:
NBA All Star Teams (4) (1995, 1996, 1997 & 1998)
First Team All NBA Selection (2) (1994-95 & 1995-96)
Third Team All NBA Selection (1) (1996-97)
Championship Rings: None

Other Points of Note:
Top Ten Finishes: Minutes Played (2) (1993-94 & 1998-99)
Top Ten Finishes: Field Goals (1) (1995-96)
Top Ten Finishes: Free Throws (1) (1995-96)
Top Ten Finishes: Assists (1) (1995-96)
Top Ten Finishes: Steals (3) (1993-94, 1995-96 & 1998-99)
Top Ten Finishes: Points (1) (1995-96)

Notable All Time Rankings:
98. Steals: 1,125

Should they be in the Hall of Fame?

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Maybe, but others deserve it first. - 0%
Probably not, but it wouldn't be the end of the world. - 50%
No opinion. - 0%
No way! - 50%


0 #1 Jeremy Ford 2013-09-10 16:19
When will they be switching 2014 out of the futures and putting the 2019 eligible players?
0 #2 Committee Chairman 2013-09-11 17:53
Jeremy, In a month or so. We are currently working on the past Hockey and Baseball classes, and a brand new section to debut soon.
0 #3 Jeremy Ford 2014-09-10 16:33
Shouldn't the 2019 and 2020 future eligible players be up by now? Thanks
0 #4 Committee Chairman 2014-09-10 20:28
Jeremy. They have been written and will be up in a month or so

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