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2014 Basketball Eligibles

This one should be fascinating. Anfernee “Penny” Hardaway may have played in the imposing shadow of Shaquille O’Neal for the Orlando Magic in the mid-90’s, but Hardaway was a certifiable star in his own right with multiple commercials (remember Lil’ Penny?) and a pair of post season First Team All Star Selections. With O’Neal, Hardaway helped Orlando reach the NBA Finals and in terms of…


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  • 478. Faust
    Of the Krautrock bands, the band labeled as the most mythical (due mostly to dropping off the musical landscape for awhile) is easily Faust. Their early 70’s work has been credited with laying some of the early fabrics of Ambient and even Industrial with their Experimental work. With Faust there is the question as to whether they were more influential…
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