Top 50 Philadelphia Phillies

Philadelphia is one of the great sports cities of the United States and as such the Phillies have one of the strongest fan bases in baseball.  That being said, the success on the field has not matched the fervor of their fans.

Beginning in 1883 as the Philadelphia Quakers, the soon to be named Phillies had some very good players come through there in their early years (Billy Hamilton, Sam Thompson, and Ed Delahanty to name a few) but overall they were not particularly good.  In 1915, they would go to their first World Series though they would fail to win it and shortly afterward fall into an abyss of mediocrity.

The Phillies had only one winning season from 1918 to 1948.  Generally if looked at the bottom of the standing of the National League the chances were good that they were there.  In turned around briefly in the early 1950s when a crop of young talent known as “The Whiz Kids” took them to the 1950 World Series, though they lost again, but they went back to the bottom and more notably was on the wrong side of history as they were the last team to integrate.

After more years of poor performances, the Phils climbed back up the standings in the 1970s and they finally won their first World Series in 1980.  They would return to the Fall Classic in ’82 (they lost) and would lose again in 1993.  In 2008 they would win their second World Series.

For a team that has been around well over 100 years there are not as many elite players as there should be, but considering that they have had far more losing seasons than winning ones, this is not that much of a surprise.

Note: Baseball lists are based on an amalgamation of tenure, traditional statistics, advanced statistics, playoff statistics, and post-season accolades. 

This list is updated up until the end of the 2020 Season.

The Phillies starting Rightfielder for the Phillies throughout the 1960’s (save for a couple years at left) Johnny Callison came with heavy expectations (some called him the next Mickey Mantle) but while he was never pegged as a Hall of Famer during his career this is still a three time All Star.
Roy Thomas took a lot of bases on balls…Seriously, it was a lot!
The city of Philadelphia had every reason to love Del Ennis, a local boy who we could argue was the original “Whiz Kid”.
Chris Short played fourteen of his fifteen Major League seasons with the Philadelphia Phillies and for a time in the mid-60’s he could make a claim as one of the top lefthanders of the game.
Lenny Dykstra was a popular player for the New York Mets where he helped the team win the 1986 World Series, but that paled to the level of popularity he would receive from the people of Philadelphia.
If you look at power, excitement and MVP votes, your first thought is how come Ryan Howard is ranked higher. If you look at Sabremetrics, Strikeouts and Defense, you might think that he is ranked too high.
In the last half of the 1970’s Garry Maddox was the best defensive Centerfielder in the National League.  After being traded from the San Francisco Giants, Maddox would win the Gold Glove eight consecutive times while also twice leading the Majors in Defensive bWAR.  Maddox was not a bad player with the bat either as he collected 1,333 Hits with Philadelphia with a .284 Batting Average.  While he helped Philadelphia win the 1980 World Series his best year was in 1976 where he batted .330 and was fifth in National League MVP voting.
There is a good chance you have never heard of Charlie Ferguson as he could make the claim as being one of the most forgotten great players in history.  He also can make a claim of having one of the more tragic tales too.
Known as “the bull” for his stocky 255 pounds on his 6’ 1’’ frame, Greg Luzinski was one of the most popular players for the Philadelphia Phillies throughout the 1970’s.
Larry Bowa was an excellent fielding Shortstop through out his lengthy 2,247 Game tenure with the Philadelphia Phillies.  Five times Bowa would lead all of the National League Shortstops in Fielding Percentage and was also in the top ten in Defensive bWAR five times, culminating in 1978 where he led everyone in the National League regardless of position. 
As a Toronto Blue Jay, Roy Halladay had already won a Cy Young and would put together back-to-back seasons leading all league pitchers in bWAR.  As a Philadelphia Phillie he would do it again.


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An anchor of the 1950 “Whiz Kids” team, Curt Simmons was a solid Starting Pitcher for the Philadelphia Phillies throughout the 1950’s.  Simmons would represent Philadelphia in three All Star Games and would win 14 or more Games five times for the squad. 
Perhaps it is a surprise that Charlie Buffinton is ranked higher than other former more seasoned Phillies stars considering that the hurler threw for Philadelphia for only three seasons back in the 1890’s, but two of those years would see Buffinton as a Pitcher of the Year contender…if that award would have existed at the time.
Playing an even 1,000 Games for Philadelphia Jack Clements was known for three things; his surly demeanor, his squat frame and being one of the first Catchers to constantly wear a chest protector.  Clements was a decent hitter as five of his seasons would see him bat over .300 and three of which saw an On Base Percentage over .400.  His .394 Batting Average in 1895 remains the highest ever for a Catcher.  Even though it was the 1890’s Clements showed decent power with two seasons of 17 and 13 Home Runs in 1893 and 1895 respectively.
This by far is the most interesting ranking on the list of top 50 Philadelphia Phillies. How cannot it not be?  
While he was not the most successful member of the Philadelphia Phillies throughout the 1980’s, there is no doubt that he was one of the most popular.
Darren Daulton was easily one of the more popular players for the Philadelphia Phillies in the early 1990s, and he certainly deserved to be.  Daulton, the Phillies Catcher for years would work his way to becoming one of the top Catchers of the NL and he would be named an All-Star in 1992, 1993, and 1995.  Daulton would show rare power for a Catcher, as he had a pair of 20 Home Run/100 RB! Seasons (1992 & 1993), while he also finishing 6th and 7th in MVP voting in that time frame.  It is worth mentioning that Daulton led all…
Throughout the 1910’s, Fred Luderus would smack 130 or more Hits eight times with a total of 1,322 for the Phillies.  The First Baseman would have four 10 Home Run Seasons, a huge amount in the 1910’s while also having a pair of .300 Seasons (1911 & 1915)
Shane Victorino made history in 2009 as the first Hawaiian to become an All Star and it was a well earned honor for the then Philadelphia Phillie.  Victorino, also known as “The Flyin’ Hawaiian” was an exciting player who would use his speed to twice lead the NL in Triples (2009 & 2011) and would have four seasons with 25 Stolen Bases.  He was a two time All Star and a three time Gold Glove but his career highlight had to be winning the World Series with Philadelphia in 2008.