Top 50 Houston Astros Mon, 21 Sep 2020 05:11:39 +0000 Joomla! - Open Source Content Management en-gb 1. Jeff Bagwell 1. Jeff Bagwell
While we have been open (often) about how Jeff Bagwell should have gotten into the Baseball Hall of Fame at the very least by his second year of eligibility, He at least earns this honor by being selected as the greatest Houston Astro of all-time.
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2. Craig Biggio 2. Craig Biggio
Like his “Killer B” teammate, Jeff Bagwell, Craig Biggio spent his entire career as a member of the Houston Astros.  
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3. Lance Berkman 3. Lance Berkman
The third member of the famed Houston Astros “Killer B’s”, Lance Berkman had a decade of success in the state of Texas where he would finish five times in the Top Ten in National League Most Valuable Player voting.  Berkman debuted in 1999, and he went to his first All-Star Game in 2001, where he was entrenched as Houston’s third star behind Jeff Bagwell and Craig Biggio.  He had five 30 plus Home Run Seasons, and another five where he had over 100 RBIs as an Astro.  He hit for average, with four years going over .300, and had a Slash Line of .296/.410/.549 with the team. His time with Houston ended when the fading Astros dealt him to the New Year Yankees, and he signed that off-season with the St. Louis Cardinals, and would win the World Series there in 2011. Berkman would sign a one-day contract in 2013, so that he could retire as an Astro.  With Houston, he collected 1,648 Hits, with 326 Home Runs, and 1,090 RBIs.
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4. Jose Altuve 4. Jose Altuve
The Houston Astros would become one of the elite teams in Major League Baseball in the 2010s and the biggest reason was because of the small in stature yet hug in talent, Jose Altuve.Altuve would become an All-Star in 2012 and secured himself as a bona fide hitting machine.  After an "off-season" in 2013, he was an All-Star again in 2014 and went on an incredible hitting tear where he not only exceeded the 200 Hit mark but would lead the American League in that statistic.  Altuve would win the Batting Title three times in that time frame and more importantly in 2017 he would win the MVP and lead the Astros to the World Series Title.  Altuve is still with Houston a of this writing and could become the greatest Astro ever if he continues at this pace.
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5. Cesar Cedeno 5. Cesar Cedeno
From the Dominican Republic, Cesar Cedeno was signed as an Amateur Free Agent in 1967, and he made the Astros roster in 1970, finishing fourth in Rookie of the Year voting. He built on that, leading the NL in Doubles, which he did again in 1972, but that was a special year. That season, Cesar Cedeno would become the second player in MLB history to hit 20 Home Runs and accumulate 50 Stolen Bases in a season, a feat he would duplicate in the next two years.  The flashy Dominican was known for his aggressive defense and on the base paths, which resulted in four Gold Gloves and six consecutive seasons swiping 50 bases.  The four time All Star finished in the top five in Offensive bWAR on four occasions. Cedeno was shipped to Cincinnati in 1982, and he left the Astros with 1,659 Hits, 163 Home Runs and 487 Stolen Bases.  
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6. Jose Cruz 6. Jose Cruz
A great hitter who hit .300 or above for the Astros six times, Jose Cruz finished in the top ten in MVP voting three times.  Cruz, a two time All Star, would lead the NL in Hits in 1983 and was close to the 2,000 Hit mark with the Astros.  Cruz would also exceed the 30 Stolen Base mark five times.
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7. Roy Oswalt 7. Roy Oswalt
Roy Oswalt made an instant splash as a rookie in 2001.  That year he finished second in Rookie of the Year voting, was fifth in Cy Young voting, and his 14-3 record and sub 3.00 ERA was a real head-turner. In the year that followed he won 19 Games, and was fourth in the Cy Young tally.  It was all a precursor of what would comeFrom 2004 to 2007, Roy Oswalt was regarded as one of the elite pitchers in Baseball.  Over that time, he was an All Star each year and has a Wins Title, a bWAR for Pitchers title and won the 2005 NLCS MVP award though the Astros were unable to win the World Series that year.  Oswalt may have never won the Cy Young, but he finished in the top five in voting six times, a very impressive accomplishment for the man who was the best pitcher in Houston Astros history.Oswalt played with the Astros until 2010 when he was traded to the Philadelphia Phillies.  He won 143 Games in an Astros uniform.
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8. Mike Scott 8. Mike Scott
Mike Scott was the National League Cy Young Award winner in 1986 and this was in a season where he led the National League in ERA, FIP, WHIP, H9, SO9, Strikeouts and SO/W.  While that was Scott’s best season, he still had a lot left as he finished 7th and 2nd in Cy Young voting in years after.  The three time All Star was the main reason the Astros made the playoffs in 1986, and he was named the NLCS MVP in the series that they lost, though Scott went the distance in both games, winning both and allowing only one run in the process.  If only he had a bit of help!
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9. Jim Wynn 9. Jim Wynn
Receiving a new wave of respect due to the sabremetric wave, Jim Wynn was nicknamed the “Toy Cannon” for generating power numbers despite a 5’ 8’’ frame.  Wynn often had an On Base Percentage well over 100 points over his Batting Average and led the National League in Walks in 1969.  Power, speed and a healthy OBP made Wynn a true threat at the plate and he is finally getting a lot of his due now.Wynn played the first eleven seasons of his career in the Lone Star State, and he amassed 1,291 Hits and 223 Home Runs for the Astros.
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10. Nolan Ryan 10. Nolan Ryan
It is very difficult to think of baseball in the state of Texas, without the name Nolan Ryan entering the conversation.  The ageless flamethrower was born in Texas but did not play pro in his state until he was 33, and joined the Astros.Ryan arrived as a Free Agent for the 1980 season and would stay in Houston for nine seasons.  Ryan would win the Strikeout title twice as an Astro (low for him), and was a two time All Star and would twice finish in the top five in Cy Young voting.  He would leave Houston, for the Texas Rangers after 1988, and with the Astros, he had 1,866 Strikeouts and a 106-94 record. 
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11. J. R. Richard 11. J. R. Richard
There was a time when the baseball world was transfixed on the flamethrowing ability of Astros hurler, J.R. Richard, and why not?  He threw faster than anybody else, he fanned piles of batters and he was a young black pitcher in a time when there were not that many.  Richard was only an All-Star once, but he is a two-time strikeouts champion, a two-time leader in FIP and finished in the top ten in Cy Young voting three times.
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12. Larry Dierker 12. Larry Dierker
What did you do on your 18th birthday?
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13. Joe Morgan 13. Joe Morgan
While Joe Morgan is rightfully remembered mostly for his accomplishments with the Cincinnati Reds, the Second Baseman first plied his trade with Houston, where he would make the first two of his ten All-Star appearances.  Morgan would lead the NL in Walks in 1967 and when he returned for one season in 1980, he accomplished the same feat again.In his two runs in Houston, Morgan would have 972 Hits with 72 Home Runs and 219 Stolen Bases.
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14. Justin Verlander 14. Justin Verlander
Justin Verlander was traded from the Detroit Tigers to help the Astros win their first World Series and before we get there let’s take a look at what the ace accomplished in Motown:
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15. Joe Niekro 15. Joe Niekro
Far more than just Phil’s younger brother, Joe Niekro had his best seasons of his twenty plus year career as a Houston Astro.  Niekro would post two consecutive 20 win seasons both of which saw him make the top five in NL Cy Young voting.  An All-Star in 1979, Niekro would have 144 wins and 1,178 strikeouts with the Astros.
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16. Don Wilson 16. Don Wilson
A Houston Astro for all nine seasons of his MLB career, Don Wilson was an All-Star once (1971) and hurled a pair of no-hitters.  Wilson, who had a winning record, likely would have contributed more to the organization but he died in January of 1975 in his garage with his family with his car still running.  His number was retired by the team that spring.He would have a record of 104-92 with 1,238 Strikeouts.
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17. Bill Doran 17. Bill Doran
The Second Baseman for the Astros for most of the 1980s, Bill Doran was a fan favorite for his plucky play.  Doran was not an excellent hitter, but he put up consistent numbers and had over 140 Hits four times and exhibited plate discipline with four seasons with an OBP over .350.  Although he was never named to an All-Star Team, he did finish 11th in MVP voting in 1986.Doran retired with 1,937 Hits, 138 Home Runs, and 288 Stolen Bases
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18. George Springer 18. George Springer
George Springer had a nice rookie season in 2014 with 20 Home Runs and it didn’t take long for him to become one of the Astros’ top players. 
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19. Terry Puhl 19. Terry Puhl
Playing 14 of his 15 seasons in baseball with the Astros, Canadian born outfielder, Terry Puhl was an All-Star in his first full season in 1978.  Puhl would not repeat an appearance to the mid-season classic, but he would have two more seasons tabulating over 150 hits and would steal 20 or more bases six times.  The Canadian would accumulate 1,357 Hits for the Astros.
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20. Dallas Keuchel 20. Dallas Keuchel
In 2015, Dallas Keuchel won the Cy Young Award, cementing himself as a certified ace in Major League Baseball who shot up this list astronomically from that 2015 campaign.  Keuchel did not repeat that season’s accomplishments as of yet, but he was an All-Star for the second time in 2017, where he had a 14-5 record and a 2.90 ERA.  His run with the Astros ended when he signed with the Atlants Braves as a Free Agent.  He would have a 76-63 record with 945 Strikeouts.
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21. Alex Bregman 21. Alex Bregman
Alex Bregman was drafted second overall in 2015 it did not take him long to reach the Major Leagues as he reached the highest level in 2016.  The Infielder had 158 Hits in the Astros’ World Series Championship season in 2017 and he had an even better 2018 with a league leading 51 Doubles with 31 Home Runs and 103 Runs Batted In. 
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22. Bob Watson 22. Bob Watson
Bob Watson achieved greater heights as an executive with the New York Yankees, but he was still quite the player who played at his peak with the Houston Astros.  A two-time All-Star, Watson would exceed 150 hits six years in a row and had four campaigns where he batted over .300.  Watson's defensive skills were not the best, which hurts him on this list, but in the 14 years he played in Houston, he would collect 1,448 Hits, with 139 Home Runs with a .297 Batting Average.
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23. Shane Reynolds 23. Shane Reynolds
Shane Reynolds played eleven years for Houston and was a solid starting pitcher for most of it.  Known for his control, Reynolds would lead the National League in BB/9 (1.4) in 1999 and would also win the SO/BB (5.32) title.  The following season, Reynolds would make his first and only All-Star Game appearance.  The hurler had a 103-86 record with 1,309 Strikeouts.
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24. Glenn Davis 24. Glenn Davis
One of the Astros better power hitters, Glenn Davis showcased six consecutive seasons where he cracked over 20 home runs.  Davis would have his best season in 1986 where he finished second in NL MVP voting and won the Silver Slugger Award.  He would have two other seasons where he finished in the top ten in MVP voting.  Davis left the Astros for Baltimore in 1991 via, and he would overall have 166 Home Runs for the Astros.
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25. Roger Clemens 25. Roger Clemens
Roger Clemens was only a Houston Astro for three years, but when he arrived at age 41, he showed everyone that he was far from done yet.  Clemens made an immediate statement in 2004 when he went 18 and 4 and become one of only a handful of pitchers to win the Cy Young Award in both leagues.  Clemens would finish 3rd in Cy Young voting in his second season winning the ERA and FIP title.  His tenure was brief, but his stats were phenomenal.  With Houston, "the Rocket" went 38-18 with 505 Strikeouts and a 2.40 ERA.
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26. Turk Farrell 26. Turk Farrell
An excellent selection from the Expansion Draft, Turk Farrell was converted to a Starting Pitcher and was an All-Star in his debut season for Houston.   Farrell would make two more All-Star appearances, and while he has a losing record as an Astro, it was not like he had a lot of help around him.
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27. Gerrit Cole 27. Gerrit Cole
It is when we have a player like Gerrit Cole on a list like this where we have to exercise our caveat that we place an equal premium on single-season greatness that we do on longevity.  This is how Gerrit Cole is ranked this high on a list like this.
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28. Ken Forsch 28. Ken Forsch
Used both as a starter and a reliever during his decade in Houston, Ken Forsch was adept at both roles.  As an Astro, Forsch put together a record of 78 and 81 with 50 Saves.  He was named an All Star in 1976 and in 1979 would lead the National League in WHIP.
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29. Billy Wagner A dominating reliever in his day, Billy Wagner would make three of his seven All Star Games as an Astro, the team he began his career.  Wagner would accumulate 225 Saves with 1.039 WHIP and would finish 4th in Cy Young Voting in 1999, which would be the year he won his lone Rolaids Relief Pitcher of the Year Award.]]> [email protected] (Site Admin) Top 50 Houston Astros Sat, 16 Apr 2016 23:39:28 +0000 30. Mike Hampton 30. Mike Hampton
Mike Hampton might be best known for his overpriced contract with the Colorado Rockies but the Houston Astros, he is known for his Cy Young runner up season in 199 when he went 22 and 4 with a 2.90 ERA.  Hampton never had a losing record for the Astros (in his first run anyway) and had a respectable 76 and 50 with Houston.
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31. Carlos Correa 31. Carlos Correa
Carlos Correa was the first overall draft pick in 2012 and he would do exactly what you want from someone drafted in that spot when they debut in the Majors; he won the Rookie of the Year.  Correa had 22 Home Runs as a rookie, and in the two seasons that followed would again hit 20 dingers with a Batting Average over .275.  Correa’s best year to date was in 2017 where he was an All Star, batted .315 and finished 17th in MVP voting.  He was also an integral part of the Astros first World Series Championship that year.
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32. Doug Rader 32. Doug Rader
Doug Rader was known for his defense and he was a five-time Gold Glove winner at third base.  Playing his first nine seasons in Houston, Rader did not always hit for the best batting average or on base percentage, but he did hit over 100 home runs as an Astro and 1,060 Hits.
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33. Kevin Bass 33. Kevin Bass
An All-Star in 1986, Kevin Bass put together three consecutive offensive seasons (1985-87) of note where he had over 140 Hits, 15 Home Runs, and 15 Stolen Bases.  ’86 was of course his best campaign where he batted .311 and finished 7th in National League MVP voting.  In the two runs that Bass played in Houston (1982-89) & (1993-94), he would accumulate 990 Hits with a Batting Average of .278.
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34. Rusty Staub 34. Rusty Staub
Improving offensively with each passing year, Rusty Staub debuted with the then named Houston Colt .45’s and before he left for the Montreal Expos, he would make two All Star with the Astros.  Staub’s final three seasons in Houston saw him go over 150 Hits and in 1967 would lead the NL in Doubles while batting .333.  Had Staub just been an average defensive player his ranking would have been much higher.With Houston, Staub would accrue 792 Hits and a .273 Batting Average.
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35. Dickie Thon 35. Dickie Thon
An All-Star and Silver Slugger in 1983, Dickie Thon appeared to poised for something special in Major League Baseball.  Coming off a season where he finished 7th in MVP voting and led the NL in bWAR for Position Players, he was beaned early in 1984 by Mike Torrez causing him to miss the rest of the season.  He would return, but his vision was never the same, and he became one of the “what might have beens” in baseball.  As an Astro, he would have 492 Hits with a .270 Batting Average, and a 6.7 Defensive bWAR.
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36. Dave Smith 36. Dave Smith
Twice an All Star as an Astro, Dave Smith was Houston’s closer for years, saving 20 games in six consecutive seasons.   He would record six seasons with a WHIP under 1.100 and would finish on the top five in Saves three times.
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37. Richard Hidalgo 37. Richard Hidalgo
The Venezuelan Outfielder, Richard Hidalgo, had his best years in Major League Baseball playing for the Houston Astros.  Hidalgo had a major season in 2000 when he smacked 46 Home Runs with a Slash Line of .314/.391/.636, but knee injuries prevented him from getting anywhere near that again.
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38. Hunter Pence 38. Hunter Pence
A two time All Star with the Houston Astros, Hunter Pence displayed some serious offensive acumen with three seasons if 160 Hits and 25 Home Runs.  Pence would become a two time World Series Champion with the San Francisco Giants, but the truth is that his best campaigns took place in Houston.
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39. Mike Cuellar 39. Mike Cuellar
Mike Cuellar would become a World Series Champion and a Cy Young winner with the Baltimore Orioles, but he first turned heads when he was a Houston Astro.  Cuellar would go his first All-Star Game as an Astro in 1967, a season where he went 16 and 11.  Overall, in the four seasons he was in Houston (1965-68), he went 338-37 with 557 Strikeouts.
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40. Ken Caminiti 40. Ken Caminiti
Ken Caminiti would become a National League MVP with the San Diego Padres but it was a member of the Houston Astros where he would make the first of his three All Star Games.  Caminiti was not putting up his best career power numbers in Houston (though still had 103), but he was actually at his best defensively playing for the Astros.
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41. Steve Finley 41. Steve Finley
A very quick player, Steve Finley would lead the National League in Triples in 1992.  It was with the Astros that Finley would post his best Stolen Base numbers and had two consecutive seasons where he accumulated 170 Hits.  Over his four years in Houston, he would have a Defensive bWAR of 5.0, a number that was actually better than he accrued for other teams this despite winning his six Gold Gloves elsewhere.  Finley would have 595 Hits with 110 Stolen Bases in Houston.
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42. Morgan Ensberg 42. Morgan Ensberg
Known for his very keen batting eye (he is one of the few players in MLB history to record more Walks than Hits in a full season), Morgan Ensberg had a breakout season in 2005, where he was an All-Star, A Silver Slugger and finished 4th in MVP voting.  He never replicated that campaign, however, but did make his mark in Houston with 551 Hits with 105 Home Runs.
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43. Michael Bourn 43. Michael Bourn
Michael Bourn would play for the Houston Astros for three and a half seasons and in each of those complete seasons, he was the National League Stolen Base Champion.  Bourn would use that speed for his defensive skills and was also a two time Gold Glove winner.  Bourn would swipe 193 Bases for Houston with 552 Hits.
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44. Danny Darwin 44. Danny Darwin
Bouncing back and forth as a starter and reliever during his six seasons (over two runs) as an Astro, Danny Darwin fittingly won the ERA and WHIP title in a season (1990) where he split duties doing both.  Darwin would have a record of 47 and 35 as a Houston Astro.
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45. Denny Walling 45. Denny Walling
Known for being one of the more prolific Pinch Hitters of all-time, Denny Walling was a Houston Astro for 13 of his 18 seasons and was predominantly used against right handed pitchers.  Walling was especially effective with his bat in the cavernous Astrodome and the fact that he was capable of playing multiple defensive positions made him an asset for Houston.  He would have 726 Hits for the club.
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46. Bob Knepper 46. Bob Knepper
A two time All Star, Bob Knepper would have four seasons with Houston where he had 14 or more Wins.  Knepper would have a losing record as an Astro (93-100), but still with only 7 shy of the 100 mark in Wins and 54 shy of 1,000 Strikeouts, these are two solid milestones he almost made. 
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47. Adam Everett 47. Adam Everett
A defensive wizard (though he never won a Gold Glove), Adam Everett was a throwback to the “good glove/no hit” Shortstops of years gone by.  Still, that was one hell of a glove as he finished in the top five of Defensive bWAR four times including leading the National League in that metric in 2006.
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48. Wade Miller 48. Wade Miller
A starter for the Houston Astros in the early 2000’s, Wade Miller had three seasons where he won 14 Games and 140 Strikeouts.  Miller would have had a more productive career had he not torn his rotator cuff in 2004.
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49. Luis Gonzalez 49. Luis Gonzalez
Luis Gonzalez is best known for his work with the Arizona Diamondbacks where he was a five time All Star and had the World Series winning hit in 2001, but he was an Astro first in his career.  Gonzalez batted .300 in 1993 with 162 Hits and in Houston he would but up his best defensive metrics.
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50. Moises Alou 50. Moises Alou
Moises Alou was an Astro for four seasons (though injured for one of them) and was named an All Star twice during that time frame.  Alou put up excellent power numbers, his lowest Home Run tally being 27 and he never batted lower than .300 or had less than 100 RBI in a season.  The only thing that kept him from being higher on this list was that he was not a great defensive outfielder.
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