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5.  Jeff Bagwell
  1. General
  2. Awards
  3. Career Stats
  • Born: May 27, 1968 in Boston, MA USA
  • Weight: 195 lbs.
  • Height: 6'0"
  • Bats: R
  • Throws: R
  • Debut: April 08, 1991
  • Final Game: October 02, 2005
  • Rookie of the Year - 1991
  • Gold Glove - 1994
  • Most Valuable Player - 1994
  • Silver Slugger - 1994
  • TSN All-Star - 1994
  • TSN Major League Player of the Year - 1994
  • TSN All-Star - 1996
  • Silver Slugger - 1997
  • TSN All-Star - 1997
  • Silver Slugger - 1999
  • TSN All-Star - 1999
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With all due to respect to some of the great Baseball players who ever donned a Houston Astro uniform, we believe the case can be made that Jeff Bagwell is the greatest all time Astro.  This isn’t to say that there have not been better players who were once a member of Houston’s pro baseball team (Nolan Ryan comes to mind), but in terms of overall contributions to the Astros Jeff Bagwell tops our list.

Currently, Bagwell is the Houston Astros all time Home Run and RBI leader.  Bagwell finished with a career Home Run tally of 449; which was especially impressive considering that the bulk of his career took place in the cavernous Astrodome.  Throughout the 1990’s, Jeff Bagwell was among the games most offensive minded first base baseman.  He had power, decent speed, and was capable defensively.  He was a popular player and was able to net the National League MVP Award in 1994.

As consistent as was in the 90’s, Arthritis caught up to Bagwell early in his career.  His numbers started to decline in 2002, and by 2005 his shoulder rendered him a liability as opposed to an asset.  He retired at the age of 37 and had arthritis not retired him, his career stats would have been padded significantly.  As such he finished with over 2,300 career hits in a fifteen year career.  Bagwell’s career numbers may seem at first on the bubble but with the great individual seasons he had before the steroid era we initially felt that he could have been a first ballot inductee.  He did receive a healthy percentage in his first year, it should only be a matter of time before he gets in.


Should Jeff Bagwell be in the Hall of Fame?

Definitely put him in! - 70%
Maybe, but others deserve it first. - 7.5%
Probably not, but it wouldn't be the end of the world. - 7.5%
No opinion. - 0%
No way! - 15%

The Bullet Points

  • Country of Origin: Boston, Massachusetts, U.S.A.
  • Eligible In: Saturday, 01 January 2011
  • Position: First Base
  • Played For: Houston Astros
  • Major Accolades and Awards: Rookie of the Year (NL) (1991)
    Most Valuable Player (NL) (1994)
    4 Time All Star (1994, 1996, 1997 & 1999)
    Gold Glove (NL) (1994)
    Silver Slugger (3) (NL) (1994, 1997 & 1999)
    Highest Slugging Percentage (NL) (1994)
    Most Runs Scored (3) (NL) (1994, 1999 & 2000)
    Most Total Bases (NL) (1994)
    Most Doubles (NL) (1996)
    Most Runs Batted In (NL) (1994)
    Most Walks (NL) (1999)
    Highest War (Position Players) (2) (NL) (1994 & 1999)
    Highest OPS (NL) (1994)
  • Other Points of Note: Other Top Ten MVP finishes: (Won the 1994 NL MVP)
    (NL: 1996, 9th), (NL: 1997, 3rd), (NL: 1999, 2nd), (NL: 2000, 7th) & (NL: 2001, 7th)
    The Sporting News Major League Player of the Year (1994)
    3 Top Ten Finishes (Batting Average)
    8 Top Ten Finishes (On Base Percentage)
    6 Top Ten Finishes (Slugging Percentage)
    8 Top Ten Finishes (Runs Scored)
    1 Top Ten Finish (Hits)
    7 Top Ten Finishes (Total Bases)
    5 Top Ten Finishes (Doubles)
    7 Top Ten Finishes (Home Runs)
    7 Top Ten Finishes (Runs Batted In)
    12 Top Ten Finishes (Walks)
    6 Top Ten Finishes (WAR for Position Players)
    7 Top Ten Finishes (OPS)
  • Notable All Time Rankings: 21. OPS: .948
    26. Walks: 1,401
    34. Home Runs: 449
    36. Slugging Percentage: .540
    37. WAR for Position Players: 79.9
    40. On Base Percentage: .408
    45. Runs Batted In: 1,529
    60. Doubles: 488
    61. Runs Scored: 1,517
    64. Total Bases: 4,213
  • Vote Percentage Received for the Hall of Fame: 2011: 41.7
  • Should be Inducted As A: Houston Astro

Should Jeff Bagwell be in the Hall of Fame?

Definitely put him in! - 70%
Maybe, but others deserve it first. - 7.5%
Probably not, but it wouldn't be the end of the world. - 7.5%
No opinion. - 0%
No way! - 15%


0 #7 Darryl Tahirali 2016-07-18 21:09
Bagwell was less than 4 percentage points from election in 2016. He should be in next year. Good!
-1 #6 Kurt 2015-06-09 04:28
Bagwell wasn't considered a power hitter when he was drafted or when he was a minor league player. It was only after he reached the majors and also bulked up that people started viewing him as a power hitter. To me there is a strong suspicion that he juiced just like a lot of stars of his era. I don't have a problem with him being inducted, provided that McGwire and Bonds also are inducted.
+2 #5 Frank 2012-10-22 21:21
-5 #4 jimmy26 -0001-11-30 00:00
possibly but he could not hold Steve Garvey's jockstrap.
-1 #3 Ziggy Koole -0001-11-30 00:00
@Casper: Bagwell shouldn't be in the hall of fame! And now he has a naysayer!All joking aside, Bagwell should be in the hall of fame, but my gut feeling tells me he wont. In fact, due to the hall of fame's paranoia about steroids, I wouldn't b
-1 #2 chuck40 -0001-11-30 00:00
I believe the steroid era hurts Bags more than any other pleyer. We all know that McGuire and Sosa were juiced and baseball turned a blind eye to such scandulous issues because people were actually coming back to the ballparks during the great home run chase of 98 after the disastourous strike and World Series less seasaon of 94 which drove away fans in droves. Is Bagwell a Hall of Fame caliber player, regardless of the era? Yes. Was he the best player at his position during his prime? With McGuire juicing that has to be yes. Was he the best playeron a World Series caliber team? Once again yes but of course he never won a World Series.I believe eventually Bagwell will be elected to the Hall of Fame. He was never tainted by rumours of sterois use and his numbers are valid
-4 #1 Casper -0001-11-30 00:00
I guess he's number one on your list by default. Alomar/Blyleven should get in tomorrow, Rose/Jackson are rightfully banned from Cooperstown, McGwire lied about his steroid usage (basically, cheating) and then there's a Japanese player which could only work as an inductee if enough of a committee were established to induct such players.Basical ly, make Bagwell your #1 in the next list update. It should appease everyone. Heck, he has no naysayers while #1-4 all do.

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